Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Tilly's Trip To Jamie Oliver's Cookery School

Tilly has written on the blog today about her trip to Jamie's Italian Restaurant where she learned how to make a meal from scratch. This is a much healthier way to cook and I am glad she is now so keen to help out cooking at home.

Me and Kimmy went to London and it was quite a journey to get there but we had a fun day and it was worth it. We went shopping for a little bit and Kimmy brought me a Lego Yoda and a Rapunzel tower. We then went to a cooking class. We went to Jamie's Italian restaurant where Jamie Oliver's cookery school was. I met some other children and we got to do some cooking. I quickly put on my apron and I couldn't wait to get started.
First, we had to listen and watch a teacher but then we got to make something ourselves. We made Moroccan meatballs. I loved to do all the cooking especially the crushing of the herbs although Kimmy had to help me with this as I wasn't strong enough.

I felt really grown up and happy when they showed me how to use the Hotpoint ovens and I got to do the frying of the meatballs. I also liked that I didn't have to add the stuff, like olives, that I don't like but was able to add more of the things I love.

After the cooking we got to try our food, I didn't know if I would like it as I have never had Moroccan meatballs before but It was delicious and I give it 10/10. I thought it was as nice as restaurant food. It was a healthy meal and the teachers explained why it was healthy but it still tasted good. We were even able to take some home with us for mum.

After doing the cooking, I have decided that I want to start cooking more at home so Kimmy has told me that now I have to cook everyday! I now know that if I don't like something in a recipe, I don't have to use it.

When I was there I found out about a competition that I am excited about. Children 13 and under are able to make up their own recipe for a meal that has a protein, vegetables and no added sugar. For more information on the competition please look at their website competition please look at their website here.It has some awesome prizes.

For Kimmy's view of the day please check out her blog here.

Written by Tilly aged 8

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