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What Is The Vango Scafell 200 Tent Like?

Last year I took Tilly camping for one of the first times since she was a baby, we went to Geronimo, a kids festival. Going camping poses so many problems for us because I don't drive, so when we went last year, we took a tiny one skin tent, sleeping bags and an airbed - that was it. Carrying anything else was too heavy. Because we didn't have a stove, we had to eat at the festival the whole time and it can get expensive that way. The tent we had was about 5 ft by 6 foot and nowhere to store our belongings - it was a bit of a nightmare! So if we were going to go camping again this year, things had to change.

We looked at different tents and I thought that maybe a pop-up tent would have been good for us, but after scouring some websites, I realised that a pop-up tent actually weighs more than some tents! So although they are easy to put up, they are far from ideal if you don't drive. I started looking at hiking tent, although they can be smaller than normal tents, they are extremely light and it makes it easier to use if you have to rely on public transport, like us.

We found what seemed to be the perfect tent on paper, but how did it fair in real life? We chose the Vango Scafell 200 Tent, I liked that it only weighs 2.5kgs - that is less than a newborn baby! Yet it looked bigger than the tent that we had. The reason that it is so light is that it has Alloy 7001-T6 Poles, these are extremely lightweight, whilst still being strong enough to hold your tent up in the wind (I know this because it was windy when we used it.)

The blurb on the website said it can be put up in 5 minutes, I had a little chuckle to my self and thought 'They haven't seen me put up a tent before' BUT the tent not only goes up in a few minutes, my 8-year-old child could do it! It is so simple to put up and if you do need help, there is an instruction sheet inside the tent bag but we didn't need it. I was so surprised how easy the tent was to put together, the part that took the longest was threading the poles through the tent, but then they popped into their metal ring to secure them in place, they went in so easily. Normally it's the poles that take so long because you cant get them placed into the metal ring and it feels like they are going to snap, but this part of erecting the Vango Scafell 200 tent was so easy and the poles didn't feel like they would snap. Then you get the tent pegs, the ones that come with the tent are lightweight but super strong. I have used tent pegs before that bend and twist as you try to get them in the ground, that's not going to happen with these tent pegs! The tent even comes with a tool to help pull the tent pegs out when your holiday is over.

The tent has a double skin, this means that there is an inside tent as well as another sheet that is waterproof and keeps you dry. This is what is going to keep you warmer in the colder evenings too because you have double the coverage to protect you from the elements, that makes this a perfect tent for camping on higher ground, where it is going to be colder. Although there are two skins, they are attached and it is easy to put up. There is a door that leads to the sleeping compartment, this is a flysheet door to protect you from the bugs that come with camping, but it still adds ventilation to the tent. Then there is a porchway area, that has a second door so you can put your camping kit there, leaving the sleeping area just for sleeping. This is even big enough to sit in and have your meals if the weather isn't so good. The porch has a door that protects you from the element and cold.

So we had a little camp out at the weekend, I passed the tent to Tilly and she set about putting it up. Camping is good for getting kids involved and back to nature. Putting the tent up, was so easy and we didn't even use the instructions. The guy ropes can go really short for the campers that are staying somewhere that is lacking in space, like a forest or on a hill/mountain. I like that they went so short too because it means that your kids are not going to trip over the guy ropes. Inside the sleeping area, there is enough space to place a double airbed and still have about 6 inches either side of the bed to place your torches, phones and anything else that you want to keep close to you. The weather is still not very good and the temperature drops at night, but the tent was warm all night long. When we have been camping before, we have woken up to condensation on the sides on the tent, and where the tent is so small and you're cramped in, it means you wake up with soaking wet hair and bedding. There was no condensation in the Vango Scafell 200 tent, this is because there is good ventilation in the tent with the flysheet and other ventilated areas. No more wet hair for us!

There is a pocket inside the tent so you don't lose important things like car keys or mobile phones. When we took the tent down, it took as much time as it had to put it up BUT it was so much easier than other tents that I have had before. Normally when you roll your tent up at the end of the holiday, you then have to squeeze it into a tiny bag and be able to zip it closed. This means it takes a few attempts to get the tent into the bag. The Vango Scafell 200 tent comes with a drawstring bag, ensuring there is plenty of space to pop your tent in with the poles and tent pegs, then you simply pull the drawstring and the bag shrinks to fit around your tent. Then you have some straps that secure the tent closed and easier to carry. These straps are even adjustable if you are in a rush and haven't had time to roll the tent down small enough.

This tent has made camping life this summer, so much easier and it means that we will be able to get away more often. I am confident that we will get many comfortable nights sleeping under the stars this summer. You can buy the tent for £109.95 instead of £130 from Simply Hike. Vango has a wide range of tents for all sizes of families, or just a single camper as well as a range of sleeping bags for all weather camping.

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  1. I too have the vango scafell 200(£72 in a sale at millets), i've been to the lake-district and the coast(wildcamping), I agree with everything you said, its a great little tent and if you stash the poles and pegs in your rucksack(I fix the tent on the outside of my rucksack) its even easier to pack away and carry. Hope you have many more camps(and im a non car owner too) in the future.


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