Monday, 30 April 2018

What Are Smiggle Earphones And Water Bottles Like?

If you're a parent to a child of Tilly's age, then you will know who Smiggle are. I actually didn't know until Tilly started talking about Smiggle from school and now we are regular shoppers at the Canterbury store. If you're not familiar with Smiggle, let me give you a quick lesson. Smiggle is a worldwide company that started selling bright colourful stationary in Melbourne, 2003. Since then they have taken over the world and in 2014 the first UK store was opened. I remember being a pre-teen and my choice of pens and stationary was so important, I had to look cool and now here I am again looking cool with stationary!
Smiggle products are great designs that will inspire kids as well as adults to use their imagination as they write. Smiggle products are exclusive designs that are sure to attract you to them, I especially love the stationary with sequins on. There are currently over 120 Smiggle UK stores for you to go and browse in and they are found online too. But the exciting news is that there is due to be a new store opening on Friday, May 4th in Oxford Street, London. The new flagship store will have two floors of stationary beautifulness for you to enjoy, so keep the date free.

We were sent some goodies from Smiggle for Tilly (and me) to try out and sample the products. Smiggle has come a long way since they first opened their doors and now you can buy a variety of things from pencils to headphones. Smiggle keep up with all of the latest trends and you can actually get mermaid products - how awesome is that?

We were sent Smiggle Dreamy Tech headphones, now if your child is anything like mine, then they will be walking around with their electronic device in their hands, whether it's a phone or a Kindle, like Tilly has. I am always telling her to turn it down because the volume is reaching levels that I need to turn the volume on the TV up. So we end up having a volume battle! This is the point that I give her earphones, but they never stay in her ears. She much prefers a set of headphones and we actually needed some for our upcoming trip to Turkey, can you imagine sitting next to her on the plane for over 4 hours?

The Dreamy Tech Headphones come in a cool purple colour and they have sparkles on them, so although they are a much-needed piece of equipment for her, they are really girlie inspired. They have a travel bag to keep them protected when you're not using them and they fold up smaller to fit in your bag. The sound quality is really good and it has a really strong, tangle-free cord. Tilly is always playing with her cord, and then the earphones don't last too long, but with the cord on these headphones, the cord is protected from internal breakage more than usual. The headphones are also suitable for adults because we have caught Tilly's 25-year-old sister using them! The Smiggle Dreamy Tech headphones are £22, which is about the same price point as I have paid for headphones for her before.

We were also sent a Smiggle Water bottle, and do you know what makes this so different from other water bottles? It has sequins inside the bottle as a decoration. It comes in purple and the sequins are sealed inside the water bottle, so you can't reach them and the bottle is huge, holding 660mls of ice cold drink ready for your child this summer.

I prefer Tilly to have drinks with lids on in the summer because of the wasps flying around. So if there is a lid on her drink, no wasp can get in there and be accidentally swallowed. Tilly's school also take a water bottle into the classroom as they believe that keeping a child hydrated means they will concentrate more and be more eager to learn. Something that I believe 100%. She is now the coolest kid in the classroom with her Smiggle water bottle. There is a flip lid that comes up to become a straw for the water bottle so there is no need to tip the bottle. And when you wash it, wash it by hand and the straw comes off from the lid so you can actually clean right inside the bottle, then just pop it back on again once its clean.

This bottle is coming to Turkey with us, because Tilly needs to be kept hydrated in the 30-degree sun, and because there are so many drinks by the poolside, it brings out the wasps. I feel confident that this is going to protect her from wasps.

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