Monday, 2 April 2018

Why Is The Education System Failing Our Kids?

Is the education system failing our kids? I have played with the idea of home ed with Tilly for a while now, but I didn't do it for many reasons

  1. Tilly has dyslexia and I want her to get all of the SENCO help that she is entitled to.
  2. I am easily distracted and we would never learn anything!
  3. I don't have the money to fund home ed.
  4. I don't have the knowledge of home ed
  5. I would never get any work from home done and what would happen to her when I do go to work at Superdrug?
So we have established that home ed isn't for us! The other option that I thought about quite seriously was when I was asked to apply for a job in Germany for a company. they explained about English speaking schools and I genuinely thought about doing it. But again her dyslexia worried me and I wanted to ensure she would get the best help she could and not have to struggle with a foreign language as she was struggling with the English language.

So my only option is to send her to a local school. The school is a good school, they are right up there with helping her to learn to read and write. She struggled a lot when she first made the transition to juniors and I seemed to be up to the school all the time trying to sort her out. But she is getting there. Now I find out that the government are changing funding to schools and schools throughout the country are having to lose valuable members of staff that help the children to grow and learn on their education route. Teaching assistants are invaluable to the schools throughout the UK, they work for peanuts but they do it because it is convenient if they are a parent and it is a job that they like to do. They are well trained for that job and put in as much work as a qualified teacher. So why are they now being discarded like they are nothing?

I know that my local school isn't the only one that is suffering, our school is at full capacity so why isn't there money to give the children, the education that they deserve? When you look at other countries in Europe their education is at a much higher level. I even saw recently on the news that a school in the north of England has had to close as the money has run out, is this the future for British schools? Was cutting the free school meals for kids the beginning of the end?

Even my local secondary school has hit some severe funding problems! They recently built a new school in my town to combine two secondary schools, but it cost a lot of money to build and the school is not making any money back, so they are losing teachers, support staff and office staff to try to get back into the black with their funding. Surely this isn't right? How would you feel to be losing your favourite English tutor or Science Tutor? Surely every child has the right to a decent education and not have to put up with second best from our government? Please pop over to who is also thinking about whether home ed is the best thing for her children.

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Theresa May, we pay enough taxes so where the fuck is the money for the schools?

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