Monday, 7 May 2018

18 Reasons I love My Kids!

Kids, they are such bloody hard work, aren't they? But we all love them and we would live it all again if we had to. But these are the reasons that I love my kids!

No matter how much I argue with them and they argue back, I know that it will all be forgotten in the morning when we have slept on it and grunted at each other the next morning. Its a kind of unofficial apology.

They make me laugh when I'm feeling down with the things that they come out with.

They gave me silver hair and stretch marks, the trophies of a winning mother

If I need advice, I know that they are there, sometimes even Tilly can be quite helpful with her advice because she is so innocent and see's life in a different way to a grown up.

I know they will have my back - always.

They have the same sarcasm as me, and although I know it's going to get them into as much trouble as it gets me into, I am so proud of them for it. Tilly is still learning to be sarcastic (not that I am teaching her lessons) and needs to rein it in a bit but she isn't being rude, she is being my kid.

They are as adventurous as I am.

They appreciate their lot in life and never expect anything more.

They never judge me for my choice of fathers that I gave them.

The older ones help out with the littlest one if I ask them Kim is the only one home now, but helps out with her little sister all the time, never moaning or complaining (maybe she does in her head, but I never hear it.)

They just stand there and shake their head whenever I do anything that they consider naughty or wrong.

They never judge people!

They have the most amazing compassion for everyone.

They have cost me a lot of money over the years, but I wouldn't change the stress, the memories and the love that they share with me for all the tea in China!

They monitor my alcohol intake  (Tilly is the wine police), despite the fact they drive me to drink!

I wouldn't have started my blog if I didn't have kids, but on the other hand, if I didn't have kids I could be living a jet-setting, glamorous lifestyle.

I love my kids, but I love them more when they are not here ......

There will always be someone to look after me in my twilight years!

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