Tuesday, 8 May 2018

B. Men Volcanic Cleansing 4-in-1 Wash At Superdrug Review

I was sent some B. 4 in 1 Volcanic Wash to review and I passed it on to someone that works with me at Superdrug. Let me introduce you to Tim, its good to share the products with people that I work with because it makes it easier to sell products that you have tried. B. Men Volcanic Cleansing 4-in-1 Wash has been developed by Superdrug and it contains volcanic mineral extract, willow bark extract and pro-vitamin b5 cleanses, purifies and refreshes the skin whilst also helping to condition and soften the hair making it more manageable for you. Over to Tim!
Before I started using B's 4 in 1 volcanic wash my skin was oily and beard was rough. I have been using the wash for a week now and I can certainly say that it works very well though it does have it's downsides. As it's a 4 in 1 wash you can use it for different parts of your body, this one, in particular, you can use it all over. Your body, your face, your hair and your beard. The wash has made my skin clear up and it definitely feels softer after using it, the downside here is it's not a big tube so if you do use it all over it will go quick.

As a guy with a beard, I am always looking to try and keep it soft and well kept. This product does well at cleaning it but I have found that it hasn't left my beard any softer by a big margin. One good thing is that it doesn't smell bad so if like me and you use it on your beard you don't have to smell it throughout the day.

You can use the wash as a shampoo which it does an alright job at and it does clean your hair. The problem once again is the size and how quickly you can go through it.

B. Volcanic Cleansing Wash is £3.99 and is a BOGOF in Superdrug at the moment.

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