Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Exploring Charity as a Family

Many of us endeavour to perform charitable deeds and acts of kindness throughout our daily lives. Whether it is donating to charity, volunteering for a good cause or simply offering a warm smile and a friendly greeting to a stranger on the street, every kind act has the ability to brighten someone’s day – no matter how small.

However, when it comes to our families and our children, it can be difficult to explain the importance of charity and instil the benefits it can bring. Understandably, there are many benefits to promoting kindness and generosity amongst the whole family, but it is important to make sure that you are going about it in the right way in order to keep little ones interested and everyone engaged. So, how can you teach your children to be kinder and more generous?

Many younger children will learn by example, so take the opportunity to teach your children about charity and why it is such an important part of life. In addition, you should try to regularly complete charitable acts yourself, in order to show your family the benefits that a simple act of kindness can bring. If you are pressed for time, another good way to get the conversation turning towards charity is to introduce a family donation jar. Encourage every member of the household to donate their loose change and possibly even a proportion of their pocket money -if you can persuade them to part with it! Once the jar is full, you can then take it in turns picking out a charity or good cause to benefit from your family’s generosity and goodwill.

With that in mind, here are some great ways to get the whole family involved in charity.

Bake Sale and Donations

What child doesn’t love tucking into a delicious cupcake or sweet treat? Providing the perfect opportunity to get the whole family involved, planning and running a bake sale is a great way to raise donations for a good cause while having fun, working together and developing a new skill.

Alternatively, you could encourage each family member to sort through their belongings and consider donating anything they no longer want or use. Whether you choose to sell the items and donate the proceeds to charity or donate good-quality pieces to charity shops, shelters or donation drives, everyone will be able to see how their unwanted items can benefit someone in need.


Dispense with dull sponsorship ideas and instead, encourage everyone to pick something they are passionate about. Raising money will seem like a breeze when creativity and imagination are brought into the picture, so why not create a family challenge where each member of the household works to try something new, give something up or complete a goal for charity.

The opportunities for sponsorship ideas really are endless, but if you are struggling for inspiration, you could try giving something up (coffee, chocolate, takeaways, TV) for a set period of time, setting yourself a challenge like running a marathon or completing a specific hike, or even the traditional favourites like a sponsored silence. Just remember – the wackier, the better!

Raising Awareness

We live in a diverse world – it’s important to celebrate our differences and learn how others go about the process of giving. For instance, many Muslims donate zakat - a specified proportion of their wealth – to those in need every year.

While not everyone will follow the Islamic faith, a good way to learn about different faiths and cultures is to experience first-hand what the results of donations, including Zakat, can do. Of course, a trip to a predominantly Muslim country during Ramadan isn’t always possible, but there is no reason why you can’t encourage your children to learn about different cultures and explain how generosity can benefit people all over the world! We were lucky to have just returned from a trip to Turkey and learned a lot about Ramadan and how the Muslims give to charity. This was so educational for her.

Above all else, charity should be seen as something exciting, fresh and engaging – a deed that the whole family can support and enjoy. So, whether you are ready to jump in head first or just dip a toe into the benefits that charity giving can bring, what better time than the present to start planning your family’s next idea for charity?

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