Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Finding A Swimsuit For A Plus Size Woman From Simply Beach

Being a larger lady, I hate buying swimwear because I have to find a swimming costume with enough support, but looks attractive and is comfortable to wear. I find that the shops never seem to offer the kind of swimming costume that I like. I was then offered a swimming costume from Simply Beach to review. I looked through the website and chose This draped twist front swimsuit in Grape colour.

Firstly the colour - With being a larger person, I tend to stick to darker colours as they are more slimming and it gives the optical illusion that you are a smaller size. But I decided to go completely out of my comfort zone and go for this grape colour. I wanted a colour that looked positive and attractive around the pool.

The costume has a scooped back, so it goes down very low, but I love this because whenever I go on holiday, I seem to cover myself up as much as possible and end up with huge white patches on my body. This costume will help me to tan more and it is really an attractive look on a costume. The front of the costume is ruched, so it gives tummy control and also has a slimming look to the costume when you wear it. I actually felt so sexy and attractive wearing this costume!

The straps are thin, normally when you buy a bigger size costume you get huge straps and they are not so attractive. The bust has soft cups, making it comfortable to wear and as I had the size 24 swimming costume, it actually fitted my G cup very comfortably and I never 'fell out'.

I wore this around the beach and pool area with the Summer Solids Beach Sarong in pink ombre. It matched perfectly well with the swimming costume and made the whole outfit look amazing. When I was first browsing through the website, I wasn't sure of what the sizing would be like because the models were smaller than me. But I didn't have to worry, the sarong fitted perfectly as a dress as well as a skirt.

The sarong has tassles on the corners to make the sarong look attractive as you wrap it around your body. I like the pink ombre effect because it means that you can wear it with the pink at the top fading down to white at the bottom, or switch it the next time you wear it and wear the white at the top and the pink at the bottom. I normally take a few different sarongs away with me but with this one, you can wear it different ways. It's a great way to cut down on my luggage weight!

The swimming costume washed well and I left it to dry on the washing line, It kept its shape and there are no sagging or elasticity problems in the costume at all, despite it being washed a few times.

So where can you get this gorgeous costume and sarong from? This beach outfit came from and the swimming costume is £45.60, and the sarong is £35.40.  There is free delivery over £100 and you can buy everything you need for the beach from jewellery to beach dresses.

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