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How Does An IPhone 8 Plus Compare To Older IPhones

Recently we were sent an iPhone 8 Plus to review, So we really put this through a really good review. The iPhone was loaned to us by three.co.uk. The phone is available in a choice of four colours of gold, red, silver and grey.

The iPhone 8 Plus is available from Three UK and you have a few different options with it. You can buy it on Pay As You Go for £799.00 plus £10 top up for 64GB storage or £949.00 for 256GB. The better option is to get it on a 24-month contract, where you only pay £99.00 upfront and choose a plan from £44 a month with 1GB of data and all you can eat data and minutes. This is for the 64GB storage, but the better the plan you take out then you will get more for your money as well as additional benefits of using the phone as a portable hotspot and have the Feel At Home Around The World Package, where you can use your phone abroad at no extra cost. As we travel a great deal, then this would be an excellent benefit for us.

How is the iPhone 8 different to previous iPhones?

The most obvious difference when you look at this is the screen size. I reviewed and iPhone 8 plus, and using it after using an iPhone 6 was like a breath of fresh air. The screen is such a better size to be taking photos and videos, it's easier to have a bigger screen because as a blogger I use the phone for making Youtube videos and video editing.

There is no earphone point, so you need to use Bluetooth wireless headphones or earphones, I use earphones a lot and this was a bit disappointing for me, personally because I am always losing my earphones or breaking them. So it will be an expensive business if you have to keep replacing them.

It's waterproof! It's not designed to be used for long periods under the water but there is always that fear that your phone is going to get wet. I have known people who have dropped their phone in the bath whilst they are using it and had to pay a lot of money to get it dried out. I use my iPhone 6 as I am walking and if a drop of rain gets on there, then it means I cant use it until the screen is dry - this is most annoying but with the iPhone 8 Plus, you can still use it with droplets on the phone.

The storage on the phone is huge, do you remember when we all had an iPhone 3 and it had something like 4gb of storage and we thought that was huge? Now with the number of apps that we download and the fact that we use our phone for taking pictures and videos more than ever, we need a bigger storage. Can you imagine having to cope with 4 GB these days? The iPhone 8 Plus comes with 64GB or 256GB of storage, this is an absolute dream for someone like myself that uses a phone so much.

What Did I Think Of It?

The iPhone 8 Plus is bigger than my iPhone 6 but it felt comfortable in my hand. The screen size is 5.5 inches retina HD, as I said in the previous paragraph this makes it really easy to make videos and edit them without having to zoom in all of the time. I love that you can film in 4K, this means that you have more control in the post-production of your images and videos. You can Resize, stabilize and crop with increased resolution. Normally when we resize and crop, you lose some of the resolutions and your pictures become grainy. 4K is the way forward with images.

I wanted to see how much I could push the phone with the water-resistant claim, So as I was on holiday in Turkey I took it in the pool with me. There have been times when you have seen people pushed into the pool as a prank and they have their mobile phone in their pocket. After a few beers on holiday, it seems funny at the time - but the reality is that you have a soaking wet phone. The iPhone 8 Plus is water resistant up to 1 metre deep, so if it had fallen into the pool on holiday which was 1 meter 40, then it is unlikely to be water resistant. I went down the slide on holiday whilst holding the iPhone 8 Plus and as it went deeper than the 1-metre depth that is recommended for the phone, I noticed some slight distortion when I made phone calls afterwards. But as soon as it dried out, it was fine. If your phone does get wet DO NOT dry it out in rice, that myth can actually damage your phone because it gets stuck in the ports of your phone and damages the internal components. Although the phone is water resistant, your phone insurance will not cover it if you use it in water. DO NOT use this phone in salt water either because salt will corrode the inside components of your phone. You can also use the phone inside a  sealed clear plastic bag if you want to use it underwater, but using the phone in the water is completely at your own risk and if it gets damaged, it can be a costly experience.

The camera has been greatly improved, it has 12mp, which is excellent for a phone and one thing that I never understand in photography is how to get the correct white balance on a picture. But the iPhone 8 Plus has True Tone technology which automatically adjusts white balance to match the natural light around you, therefore giving you a much better picture and they look really close in colour to the actual thing that you have taken a picture of. I haven't really felt the need to use filters on any of the pictures that I took. In the portrait mode of the camera, you can choose to add filters to your pictures and add a little extra lighting to the pictures. Although I took the picture too close, you can see the difference in the photos by using the different functions.

The iPhone 8 is definitely the phone for the future, It has everything you need and even has wireless charging, although I never actually used this facility. The phone is glass on the front and back but it is toughened glass, and always remember to get a screen protector put on the phone!

Because of the camera being of such good quality, it makes video calls so much better too and when we were using WIFI in Turkey, the video call was picture perfect. I did prefer using the phone on WIFI because I live in East Kent and the Three signal isn't very strong here, but that is down to the local aerials and the phone worked perfectly well when I made calls from other areas.

I am due to upgrade in August, I was looking at upgrading to an iPhone 7, but having used the iPhone 8 Plus, I do like the size of the phone and would definitely look at going for the Plus, either as an iPhone 7 or 8. The difference between 7 and 8 is that the iPhone 8 Plus has the wireless charging and although I never used that facility, I can see the appeal of why people would want to use it.

What is your next phone going to be?

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