Wednesday, 9 May 2018

How To Make Your Lipstick Last All Day

Working For Superdrug, I have people asking my advice on lipsticks every day, so I try and give them the best advice I can. After all, I would be gutted if I bought a lipstick that didn't deliver what it was promising, but also some lipsticks do offer 24-hour coverage, but this will only last as long as you follow the instructions and use the balm or gloss. 24 hours lipsticks can be very drying on your lips and this makes you lick them more to moisten them. This then licks the lipstick away, so it's important to follow the instructions and use the products included. Creating long-lasting lipstick is often not as easy as it seems. So I have made a list of tips to hopefully help your lipstick stay in place for most of the day.

  • Before you apply your lipstick, try to exfoliate your lips. you can get many facial exfoliators that are gentle enough to use or you can make an exfoliant yourself by using a lip balm and some sugar. This will remove any dry skin around the lips and on your lips, giving you a perfect base for your lipstick.
  • When you put your foundation on, always go over your lips, this also helps you to give you a great and even coverage on your face, so you know you haven't missed any space around your mouth but also builds a good base for you to apply the lipstick.
  • As with most makeup applications, if you layer your lipstick it will stay on your lips for longer. This is the best way for you to apply it to stay in place all day long. Add a coat of lipstick (light and thinly) and blot in between each layer.
  • You can add some definition to your lips by adding a lighter colour to the center of your mouth. This will give you the illusion of fuller, plumper lips because it highlights the center.
  • When you apply the lipstick, use a lip brush, It gives a more precise and definite application. When you use a brush, make sure you're holding it at a parallel angle to the lip line and this will give a straighter edge to your lips. Quite often using a lipstick can be clumsy and its hard to get into the small corners, so a brush would be the perfect option.
Following these tips means you should have kissable lips all day long, Do you have any tips?

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