Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Meeting Boney M At Common People Festival, Southampton

I took Tilly to her first actual music festival at the weekend and there was a whole selection of music to introduce her to. The music spanned over 40 years and it was great to see the audience enjoying all of the music. One of these bands was Boney. M, OMG yes, Boney. M. Although Maizie Williams is only one original band member still in the band, The music sounded just the same as it did when I was Tilly's age (in the 70's), Something that other bands can't quite achieve when they replace band members. I don't think there is an adult in this country that doesn't know who they are. 

We were lucky to get a meeting backstage with Maizie Williams, the last original band member of Boney. M  and ask her some questions about the band. 

Boney. M has been around for a long time so I wondered, what was the highlight of your career?

Maizie ''That's a difficult question because there were so many highlights, there were so many highlights but when we actually made it to the point that we were invited to Russia by the government. It was 1978 and it was a highlight because we were the first entertainers to go into communist Russia. That was a major highlight, but there were many more too and it would take too long to tell you them all''

How do you do such good singing? (asked by Tilly aged 8)

Maizie ''Ahhh Bless you, you can do it as well. You just have to keep practising and one day you will have the most beautiful singing voice. Practice at home in places like the bathroom.

Do you think disco is as popular as ever?

Maizie ''Disco has changed, there is still disco music there but it's not disco as it used to be in the 70's. Its a mixture of everything now, I mean I remember back in the 70's when disco was disco, we had a particular type of sound. Today disco is everything, you have Jungle, House, you got R & B, you have everything, even disco house. They have put all sounds into the music and brought it up to date, like everything it has been bought up to date. Everything goes around in a circle.''

Whats the best gig that you ever played?

Maizie ''Oh, My Gosh, that's an even more difficult question to answer because we have done so many good ones... so many gigs.... so many! I really can't answer that question because we have done some major, wonderful performances from super stadiums to smaller venues, and the majority of them we enjoy and that's the main thing.''

Thank you to Maizie Williams for spending time with us and to the managent of Common People for organising the meeting. You can find more from Maizie Williams and  Boney M on her website . Looking for your next family festival? Check out Camp Bestival on the weekend of 26th -29th July. 

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