Monday, 14 May 2018

What Are The Best Swimming Goggles For Kids?

Before we went to Turkey, Tilly had no water confidence, whatsoever! She would cry whenever water splashed her face and was terrified of going in the pool. So I wanted to make things as easy and fun as I could. I bought her a swim jacket, that had floats in it, I got her some swim shoes for the pool and the poolside, and I got her some swimming goggles from Simply Swim.

As soon as she hit the pool, I really didn't need to worry because she was like a little fish. She knew that the swimming goggles would protect her eyes and that she didn't have to worry about splashes and that she could keep her eyes open the whole time.

Tilly was sent the Zoggs Dory and Nemo goggles for the purpose of review. They are a brilliant price at the moment on the website of £4.80 and they are fun to wear. I liked that they were a cartoon that was familiar to her and that they followed on with the swimming theme. They made wearing goggles, fun for Tilly.

When they were on her eyes, they sealed right around her eyes and fitted really well. the strap is adjustable and it was easy to adjust as she was putting them on her head, by using the side button. The goggles are suitable for kids from 6 -14 years old, so they are perfect for older children to that are lovers of cartoons or have additional needs, but still, want the kid's designs.

The glasses are anti-fog and they don't steam up as you wear them and the split strap on the back of the head means that the goggles stay in place and do not fall off as you swim. Tilly said these were comfortable to wear and there was no leakage as she wore them at all. As well as the goggles, you can buy a swim goggle pouch to keep your goggles safe. These pouches are £6 and if you buy the goggles, you get a discount of £2 on the pouch. It is made of a breathable neoprene and the zip at the top of the pouch keeps the goggles safe. The pouch carries the Simply swim logo across the front of it.

The goggles were lovely to wear, they gave Tilly confidence in the water and she was the envy of the other kids in the pool. Everyone wanted to know where she had got her goggles from, you can buy them here as well as all the other pool products that you might need for your upcoming holiday in the sun or just for local swimming fun at your leisure center.

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