Thursday, 10 May 2018

What Kind Of Face Mask Can You Buy?

The days are well and truly over where you could only get one type of face mask. We all love to grab a face mask and pop it on our face, leaving it for a few minutes whilst we relax. When you're a parent, you need to grab all those luxurious moments that you can get. I know from experience that you often wonder if you will ever know what time on your own is ever going to be like again. So using a face mask is often the only luxury that you have between changing nappies and doing school runs. There is just something special about locking yourself in the bathroom, soaking in a warm bubble bath and placing the face mask on your face. Face masks seem to be a luxury part of your beauty regime, not because they are so expensive but because you seldom get time to sit and relax with a face mask. You can buy facemasks as cheap as 99p in Superdrug. There are so many different face masks on the market, so I thought I would highlight a few for you.

Sheet Masks

These are my favourite type of face masks because they are mess free! They come in individual sachets and you unwrap the sheet mask and place it on your face. It does feel strange to start with and you look like you're wearing a bandage! Follow the instructions on the package but when the time is up, remove the sheet mask and as it will still be moist, you can use it to wipe all over your neck and decolletage to get the skin in that area benefitting from the ingredients. These sheet masks are a single use mask and they will cost a little bit more than other face masks but they are worth it. You can usually find them ranging from £3 - £5 but they can be a little bit more.

Wash off Masks

These come in a few different forms. You can use mud or clay masks that draw out impurities from your skin, these masks have additional ingredients that deal with the problems that you have in your skin. The Superdrug Cucumber Clay Mask is enriched with cucumber, fruit extract and dead sea minerals. This mask will help eliminate impurities and soothe skin for a fresh-faced look. These kinds of masks can be very messy to use and when you rinse them off, they often leave residues of clay or mud, so you have to keep cleaning. Don't scrub it off, you could hurt your face. These are the cheapest ways to use a face mask.


Charcoal has been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years for a multitude of reasons. But Charcoal is really good as an antioxidant and will help to draw all of the rubbish out of your face. It is used a lot in the teen skin and problem skin products as it brings out the gunk that lies under your skin. After using a charcoal face mask, I find that my skin feels so soft for a few days but it will bring out anything that is trapped underneath the skin so you may find you get a few spots after a day or two. You can find a few charcoal face masks here .

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