Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Hatchimal Series 3 Surprises - Review

 Hatchimals have taken the world by storm, and everyone wants them! My daughter is no exception and when they first come out, we could only get one from Holland. Now with the Hatchimal CollEGGtables launching Series 3, we know they are going to be as popular as ever. Tilly had a play date and shared some of the Hatchimals Series 3 that she received for review with her friend because they are excellent gifts for friends and they can easily be swapped if you have doubled up on. 

The Hatchimal Series 3 comes with the 'Hatch Friends Forever' quote and it means that each Hatchimal that hatches has a BFF that will attach to it. They will either piggyback or high five each other, but as Tilly shared these with her BFF, it made it more special for them both. These toys are perfect for Tilly and her friends because they are easy to carry around and easy to swap with each other. 
Tilly gave her friend the 'Rhythm Rainbow' set from Hatchimals Series 3 and inside the packaging is a small egg box with two rainbow Hatchimals. To open the Hatchimal egg, you just need to rub the purple heart with your thumb until it goes pink and then the egg cracks and you can see your Hatchimal. Kids love a surprise and these are excellent for them to open. The 'Rythm Rainbow' Set is priced at £4.99 and is available from most toy shops and Amazon

 Tilly chose the Hatchimal 2-pack nest to open, the set comes with 2 Hatchimal CollEGGtables and a little nest to leave an egg in whilst you hatch the first one, then the Hatchimals can go in there, once they have hatched. There are over 100 different ones to collect and if you're lucky when you open a Hatchimal CollEGGtable, then you will be lucky enough to get one of the rarer special edition ones like Tilly got one from the 'Breezy Beach' Hatchimals in her two pack. The Hatchimal Nest Set is also £4.99 and they are available in most toys shops and Amazon. Both of the two packs are pocket money prices and make excellent birthday gifts for friends.

 Next to open on Tilly's playdate was The Hatchimal CollEGGtables 4 pack, This comes with 4 of the speckled eggs and an extra bonus one that comes ready to use. Tilly was so excited for this one as there were 5 in the pack and her excitement was plain to see when she opened up an egg to reveal a pair of twins. Inside each pack of Hatchimal CollEGGtables is a sheet of paper with a list of the Hatchimals that you can get in the eggs. It also helps you to match up the best friends together. The 4 pack is £9.99, which is excellent value for the pack that comes with the extra bonus Hatchimal.

Once you have hatched your Hatchimals, you can play with your friends and they are great for kids imagination. Hold - Hatch - Play! It's as simple as that with these Hatchimals. The look on Tilly's face and her friends as they opened these little surprises was amazing to see. So much joy came from these little these cute little creatures and they are easy to take where ever your child goes. You can hatch your own little world of Hatchimals to play with. 

How cute are the Hatchimals? You can find them on Amazon and all good toy shops.

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