Monday, 18 June 2018

Stop Shaming Other Bloggers For Taking Low Payments!

As a blogger, I am always told 'Know your worth!'. Its a really good philosophy to live by because then bloggers don't get taken advantage of. But what I do object to is when bloggers criticise someone for taking a low payment that they would never take. There are many reasons why someone would take a low payment. I am starting to see it posted more regularly on social media where bloggers are shamed for taking low payments. I thought the blogging community was a supportive one. But seeing people that I know have taken drastically low payments are now saying its wrong! Where are your morals? What is wrong guys? It is okay to take a low payment gig if you need the money, don't ever feel ashamed or dirty for doing it. There are so many reasons why a blogger would take a low payment, that we don't know about.

  • They might have a really low DA on their blog, so you have to take into consideration that the price may fit the DA. We have all been there with our DA of 6 or 17, and now we have built it up, and almost become experts in the whole sponsored post idea. We shouldn't forget how hard it was. There are still people out there that are so new to the idea of sponsored posts, and they might be testing the water. I have taken £20 for a post before. 
  • They might not have the confidence to go for anything higher than the £20 offer thats on the table, we don't know that a blogger accepting £20 doesn't have anxiety problems and is trying to build up her confidence to start asking for more.
  • You don't know that bloggers financial status, you don't know if her husband left her last week with no money and she is struggling to look after the kids and feed them. You don't know if they have just swapped Universal Credits and this is her only income. I know my worth but I also know that my kid needs new shoes or more importantly food in her mouth. So sometimes you need to know your worth AS A PARENT too. 
  • Bloggers will slam companies that offer low payments but will, in fact, accept to review, Youtube and Instagram a £4.99 toy. What is that all about? I will take a low-value toy if its something that my daughter wants or in her words 'needs' to have. and I would also accept a £20 post if the time arose that I was short of cash. Also, someone that places a £20 post with you is likely to offer 5 or 6 other posts throughout the month, building up a collaborative relationship. So those £20 posts actually add up.
  • Boggers have affiliate links on their blogs and ads that you click to buy things from. They earn pennies from these links, but the link is still a permanent follow link to a company and they are happy to have them on their blog.
  • I know bloggers say that it takes a few hours to write a blog post with a link like this and then set up social media, but why are you setting up your social media? They are not paying for the promotion, they are paying for a link on your post to build their own popularity up. They don't care for social sharing.
  • A blogger might also accept £20 as they are writing a post about the subject anyway or have something in their drafts that can be used. This is an excellent way to bump up some cash as you're just adding a link to a post that you have written. 

I have just rebranded and as My DA has dropped from a very good 35 down to 0, I lost all of my sponsored work. It is taking hard work to build my blog up again to start earning a reasonable amount of money. I know how these people feel about only being offered low payments for blog links. going from 35 to 0 was a huge thing to do because of the loss in money, but I am working hard to build everything up and luckily I have a really good client base who still offer me work.

I know that a 'bigger' blogger will expect a payment of much more than the £20, and the digs about all the £20 recipients are stopping the bigger bloggers receiving higher payment, but looking at it from a brand view, they can place more links at £20 each rather than a handful at a higher rate and if you're not willing to take the £20 on the table, they're not even going to look at your blog and develop a collaboration. That person will also remember your work when they go to work for another company, that could lead to much better-paid work. I always say that you can never do EVERY collaboration that you see out there, and maybe this one isn't for you - but stop shaming the people that want  NEED these payments, they feel bad enough as it is.

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