Thursday, 21 June 2018

Ten Ways To Entertain Young Girls - A Guest Post

Hi, my name is Anita and I blog over at The House That Never Rests and also Suitcase And Adventures I live in London with my husband Ian along with our three sons Danny 21, Lee 18, Bradley 16 and also our Siberian Husky girl Coco who is 7 months old and Parrot called Eddy who is one.

We are a very busy family, we all work, I only work part time now due to ill health but even Bradley has a part-time job working on our local market. On our days off together we love nothing more than family time, days out and adventures together. We often have our nieces come to stay over for a few days, being a house of mainly men this is very much welcomed. We have lots of girly fun - this is some of the things we get up to. I really enjoy some girly fun for a change. When they come and stay we get up to all sorts of girly fun. My niece’s names are Lexi who is 4 and Demi who is 8. Here are our top ten ways in which we enjoy the girly fun together.
Ten ways to entertain young girls.

1. Dressing up/fashion show – Dig to the back of the wardrobe and make space for a catwalk in the lounge area. The girls really enjoy this. They always pack loads of extra clothes for a catwalk show.

2. Bake up some treats – We bake loads of pink cakes and girly treats. Demi brought a recipe with her on her last visit that she had typed up at school for a school project.

3. A girl only walk – We enjoy a bit of fresh air together, have girly chats and often take a pot with us to collect berries when they are ready. We then go home and make a berry pie or smoothie.

4. Fun in the garden – The girls often enjoy helping me in the garden. They enjoy learning about the flowers and watering the plants. We often have meals outside if nice and also have water fun activities, such as paddling pool fun and water fights.

5. Shopping spree – My nieces certainly take after me where shopping is concerned. We love nothing more than a girly shopping spree. We enjoy looking at shoes, handbags, smelling perfume and looking at different shades of nail varnish. We bag a few treats to take home.

6. Campouts – We set up camp indoors, if nice then out in the garden. It then fastly becomes a no boys allowed camp. This then gets decorated with all things pink and girly. More often than not the girls turn it into a hair salon and we do each other’s hair.

7. Dance and sing – We often make up our own girl band and have a sign and dance around the living room or garden. We get dressed up into what the girls call “band clothes” do our hair and then sing/dance away. This is a great energy burner for a rainy day.

8. Girly movie – For some evening girly fun we like to make some popcorn and then watch a girly movie. It often involves a princess or is a musical of some sort.

9. Get our craft on – Us girls love our jewellery. We also love to make our own and create our own inventions to be unique. We enjoy getting our craft on together.

10. Homemade face masks – Us girls also love to have a little pampering. We enjoy creating our own homemade spa. Have you ever made a homemade facemask? Ours is a cucumber one. We enjoy a nice homemade face mask and foot spa. This is great fun for a girly sleepover. If uncle Ian falls asleep the girls love sneaking up on him and before he knows it he is in a cucumber mask which the girls find highly funny.

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