Thursday, 21 June 2018

The Best Way To Use Social Media To Your Benefit

Getting ahead in social media can be difficult and sometimes feels like a losing battle, but you need to persevere with it and eventually, it will reap rewards.  Social media comes in so many different forms from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube. Although I have all of these channels, it's difficult to keep up with them and run them successfully on your own. I concentrate mainly on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Setting up accounts is easy but it's all about getting the followers to follow you and stick with it. It can be very time consuming to start with but it will be worth it in the long run.

There are some golden rules to think about when you are starting out in social media, these are

  • Don't follow someone and then unfollow them as soon as you get a follow back. This is not liked amongst social media users and it gets your name or your brand name a really bad reputation. Social media users talk to each other and they know it's happening so you will find your social media account blocked from them. This means you have lost a fair bit of audience that could be your future interaction.
  • Always remember that you're representing yourself as a brand, stay true to your brand. It's no good pretending Inna blog or website that you're a wholesome mum that never seeds if you're a vodka swigging, swearing mum on social media. People like to see the real you, all of the time.
  • Remember that your boss can see what you're doing or be writing on social media! Don't write about colleagues and expect to get away with it. Also, potential new places of employment will check you out on social media before employing you.
  • Use the correct hashtags for the picture or post that you're writing. This gets to the correct place and it is seen by the right people. You can find a blog post of good hashtags here.
  • Make sure your spelling is correct - it will get picked up by the grammar police.
  • Don't ever write about someone, that isn't true. You could get into a lot of trouble.
  • Taking other people's pictures is a big no-no. Just because you found it on Google, doesn't mean it was yours to take. It belongs to someone and you can get into a lot of trouble .instead use your own images or go to a website such as unsplash for royalty free pictures.
  • Always get your family involved because they will share with you and you reach a bigger audience.
  • Interact with your followers, you see so many big companies only ever interacting with complaints and not the normal everyday comments. Some companies choose to ignore comments completely, do not do this because these followers make you as popular as you are and they can take it all away in an instant. Ignoring your followers shows you to be an uncaring brand and you will have people walking away.  Like people's pictures and they will like yours back in return.
What tips do you have for the best practice in social media? 

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