Friday, 15 June 2018

Using A P20 Pro For Taking Photo's With Three UK

Recently we were invited by to go on a photo walk and use one of their Huawei P20 Pro phones, now I was an iPhone girl through and through and recently reviewed the iPhone 8 Plus, you can read the review here.

We went to Shoreditch in London where you will find street art around almost every corner. If you're going to do this, the best tube stop to get off is Old Street and exit through exit 1. We walked up Old Street, where you find the best little doughnut shop (doughnut time) with amazing green painted walls, perfect for taking clothes photos against. The doughnuts were to die for too.
Whichever direction you walk in you're going to find street art, so it really doesn't matter where you go because I am a believer that you find the best places when you are lost - so just get lost in the art. Art is important for kids and this is so much of a better way of showing it to them, rather than going to a gallery. The street art is bright, means something to the area and best of all it is a free day out. If you don't live in London, it's okay, there is plenty of street art near you. The Parenting Game has written about Bristol art.

Photo using the front-facing camera
This picture was taken by Tilly aged 8, so its easy to use.

So much fun to be had in Shoreditch, This was using the Pro part of the camera
Using the portrait mode, blurs out the background and makes the person stand out more in the picture. 

Another picture using portrait mode

The phone we had was the Huawei P20 and it has a huge 128gb internal memory, I was an iPhone girl, but I found the Huweii quite easy to convert to using. It is an android phone with a 5.8-inch screen and the camera is to die for! This phone is actually the phone that has changed me from iPhone, My iPhone broke and although I love how durable the iPhone 8 was in my review, I was swayed to getting a Huawei P20 Pro. As soon as I took a picture and showed my daughter, she was in awe of the photo quality. If you're a blogger, this phone is for you!

The portrait mode makes the person stand out and the background blurred.

I went for the Pro, rather than the normal P20 because of the slightly bigger screen and The P20 Pro uses AMOLED technology for the screen, instead of LCD for the P20 screen, The P20 Pro has a better screen visibility in daylight due to the technology and I use my phone a lot throughout the day. But the most important thing for me in a phone is the memory, do you remember when your smartphone came with 4gb of storage? Well, those days are well gone and welcome to the technology of 128GB in the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro.

The second most important aspect of a smartphone is the camera, but with the P20 and P20 Pro, you get the most amazing quality in your pictures. The P20 comes with a dual camera, whilst the P20 Pro comes with an amazing triple lens camera. The camera on this phone is going to rival a DSLR! you have the option of using it as a point and shoot camera in the normal way or you can pop into the pro section and use it at a much more advanced level, getting the best specification photo's. Also if you pop into the 'more' section of the camera, you have so many more options to make the most from your phone, you can even watermark your pictures to prevent someone else using them! The camera also has a portrait option, this means that the camera will focus on the person in the picture and blur the background out, making the photo stand out more. I love this feature! I know for a fact that I have just upped my photography game!

The Huawei P20 Pro is also water resistant up to a metre, so if you drop it in the bath or down the loo, you're okay. The P20 is only water resistant is you drop a drink over it and you wipe it up straight away. Please remember though, even though a phone might be water resistant, it won't be covered under a warranty for water damage. You can find out more about the P20 Pro tariffs here and the tariffs for the P20 here.

What are you going to get as your new phone?

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