Monday, 11 June 2018

What Can I Get My Dad For Fathers Day?

Fathers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and these days a family can consist of step-fathers, adopted fathers, same-sex parents, single mums that pull double duty and in our case, Tilly has a brother who stepped up and took on the role of the adult male in her life. There is a 16 year age gap, so to her, he has always been just like a dad, so we always get him a card that says 'You're just like a dad to me'. A dad is someone who chooses to parent a child, he doesn't have to be related to the child at all, he just mans up and takes on the role. So who are you celebrating Fathers day with and most importantly what are you buying him? Here we have a few suggestions to help with male grooming gifts because make grooming has become a multi-million pound business with men spending as much on themselves as women would do.

What about a Mens Trimmer?

Beards are big at the moment, aren't they? Long gone are the days when a bloke wore a wild beard that looked like an abandoned birds nest, these days they are sleek, fashionable and look so sexy! Its all about the grooming with these beards, and using a trimmer can keep his beard under control and styled, but he can also use it to make lines in his beard and also give himself a detailed trim. These kinds of trimmers can also be used for the hair, so it is a great money saving gift that will pay for itself over time. If you're going to get him one of these, go for a cordless one and also a wet and dry one that he can take into the shower with him. The Panasonic Multi Groomer is perfect for trimming beards, hair and body hair.

Its no good having a trimmed beard if you're not going to use the products to go with it. Ladies, it's like us spending ours doing our hair and not putting mousse or hairspray in it, or even a serum to keep it in tip-top condition. The male grooming product ranges have grown over the past couple of years and now you can buy products for everything. Probably the most popular is the Male grooming range from L'oreal, but you can also find other brands on the market.

What about buying some men's fragrance? In the run-up to Fathers Day, you will see men's fragrance everywhere, so this is the best opportunity to buy that exclusive or high-end fragrance for a knockdown price thats affordable to you.

Novelty Gifts

These are always the funniest of gifts and you can always pick something up from your local Poundland or take a look through the selection on Amazon. You can also be on a winner if you buy a 'Favourite Dad' gift for the dad in your life or your kid's life.

So what are you going to buy for Dad? Hopefully, this has been helpful for you but your Dad will be pleased with anything this Fathers Day. My son is coming home from Holland to celebrate Fathers Day with his little sister - because that's what Dad's and stand in Dad's do!

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