Saturday, 16 June 2018

What Do You Need To Take For Kids To A Festival?

It is festival season once again and as festivals become more and more popular with families, we would like to share with you some tips about what you should take to a festival, Tilly loves a good festival and always seem to forget something when we go, so to make it easier for you, we have compiled this list for you. If you're going to a festival this year, have a good one and if you have any other tips, please add them to the bottom of the post.

  1. Deodorant wipes - you can get these from the travel section, they are better than an aerosol can, especially if it's going to be hot in your tent.
  2. Baby wipes - we use these for everything, so we always take a packet of them when we go away. I don't bother with a full pack as you would never use them all, but I always take half a pack and it's usually enough for a few days. Baby wipes will become one of the best things that you take to a festival. You use them to clean the kid up all day long, they are handy if the toilet roll runs out in the portaloo, and you need them if the liquid soap runs out in the portaloo. If there is no shower, these will become your best friend for washing too. Nothing like a quick wipe down in the tent with a baby wipe in the morning, you really know you're at a festival then.
  3. Antibacterial liquid gel - the little travel bottle of liquid soap are fab, you pour it all over your hands after you have been to the loo and then you're ready to just carry on and enjoy the festival, you don't even need to wash it off. 
  4. Calpol - I forgot to take mine recently, luckily the festival was full of families and there was someone to help when Tilly wasn't well one afternoon. You can buy it in sachets now to make it more convenient for travelling and camping.
  5. Vicks or Karvol - This is one I picked up in Glastonbury, the toilets get so stinky especially near the end of the festival, so pop some Vick under your nose and it hides the vile toilet smell. We had some Karvol Capsules with us that we got from Blog On. Twice a day I popped it on Tilly's clothes so she could have a smell before she went to the loo. 
  6. A Blanket - This is handy for keeping warmer at nights because you can use it over your sleeping bag as well as a blanket to sit and watch the entertainment every day. 
  7. The Kids - don't forget them! after all the festival is for them.
  8. A Tent - we always take a two-man tent because we travel by train, but my tip is to take a huge tent!  One the size of your house is best so that you don't feel confined in a small space with them. 
  9. Travel sized products - These are so much more expensive to buy than a proper size product, but they will be so much more convenient for you because they are so small and fit in the little gaps in your camping bags. You will need shower gel and toothpaste for sure, don't bother with shampoo and conditioner because you're only away for a couple of days. buy a travel size can of dry shampoo in case you need it. 
  10. Sun lotion - the weather in this country is pants most of the year, but sometimes it is sunny at a festival! carry a small travel sun cream with you because even if it doesn't even feel too hot, you are outside for hours on end and the rays will get you.
  11. A pack of cards - perfect if the weather is wet and you're confined to your tent
  12. Bottled water - this will save you a lot of money at the festival, you normally pay about £1 for a bottle of water there. But somewhere like Poundland, you can get 6 bottles of water for £1. 
  13. An Airbed - you will not want any of this sleeping rough on the floor after you have spent the day at a festival. It's bad enough sleeping in a cold damp tent, let alone having to sleep on the cold wet and hard floor too
  14. A mobile phone charger - The likeliness is that you're going to be without electricity for a while, so using portable phone chargers can often charge your phone up once or twice. Don't buy the cheap ones from bargain shops, get a decent branded one that will give you a decent charge. They are heavy to carry around but they look good and they do the job, you would look at paying about £20 for a decent one. 
  15. Chairs - we have never really bothered with these as we travel by train but this year we have a Trono, that is a chair which blows up with just air. all you do is take it out of the bag and wave it around before securing it. There is no effort involved at all! then they go into a tine bag to carry around. These are good for your tent and also if you want to sit down at the festival. 
  16. Your sanity - it's actually really hard to keep sane when you take a kid to a festival. Although you love your kid dearly, the thought of being with them in a small confined space is enough for anyone to lose their sanity. 
  17. Sun hats - Not only for the kids but also for you, the sun can be very hot if you are standing in a field.
  18. Lots of Phone memory - We live in a world where everything is on our phone and we use it for everything from phone calls to making movies and taking pictures. The last thing that you want to do is have to keep deleting things to make room for your new pictures. 
What do you take to a festival?

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