Monday, 2 July 2018

How Do You Play Dobble Animals? - Review

As part of the Asmodee Blogger Game Club, we were sent 'Dobble Animals'. We have reviewed the regular game of Dobble before and you can find the review here. The game works like a game of Snap, but you have to think fast and the game is any body's!  You have a tin of round cards and you share them out with the people that are playing. There are 55 cards in the tin and each card has 8 animals on it. You can play it in a few different ways to suit the people that you're playing with.

You place a card down in the centre of the table and glance at the card, then look at the card in your hand, can you see a matching animal? To make it more difficult, the animals are different sizes on the cards, so it automatically looks different to the eye. Then the first person to call the animal out and place the card down wins a point and they have one less card to get rid of. Then the game carries on with having to find a matching animal on the card that has now been placed on the top. We played with 8 cards and 2 players, but you could play with up to 8 players, making a great party game or for a kids club. The more people involved, the more loud and frantic it gets.

The game is easy for kids to play as it is simply pictured on the cards, it's a great way for them to learn animals and its a game that is for all ages, especially as it comes in a small tin and it is easy to carry around. perfect for camping holidays this summer or to keep your kids (and adults) occupied on a long journey. I love that it comes in a tin because we have so many games where the boxes have been bashed about and ruined. The tin also keeps damp out if you use them on holiday or if you go camping. 

The cards are bright, clear and the animals are easily identifiable. They are round to make it easier for everyone to match the animals up around the card. The game is a free for all, and nobody has to wait a turn, as soon as you see an animal on your card, that matches one on the card that's placed on the top of the pile, then you call it out and place your card down on the top of the pile. The game isn't as easy as it sounds because you have to think quick and all of the animals suddenly look completely different to the ones on the other card. There are instructions included in the pack, but you can vary the game to play it to an ability that suits you and your family. There are also options in the instruction book to vary the game slightly to make it more interesting. 

The game of Dobble is fast paced and can last anything from a few minutes to 15 minutes, depending on how many people are playing, it can get loud as players are all shouting out animal names and trying to get their card put on the pile first. Sometimes, you find yourself staring at the matching pair of animals, but you can't remember the name of the animal. 

This game keeps you on your toes, is easy to understand and is perfect for kids from about 4 to 104. You can find it on Amazon for £22.22. 

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