Wednesday, 4 July 2018

How To Achieve A Peaceful Summer Bedroom

I love the summer, because it means that I can throw open my bedroom windows, let the sun in and enjoy the summer months before it gets cold and dreary again. Today I am sharing some tips on how to achieve a peaceful summer bedroom.

Whenever you light a candle, you get an instant peaceful feeling. Candles can relax you after a stressful day and can also enhance the feeling of love in the bedroom. You need to buy the right kind of candles, obviously, you won't achieve this kind of ambient feeling if you just chuck a couple of tea lights in your room. I use Bloom Candles from Superdrug, they are a dupe for Jo Malone and they are as good as them too. I have also been known to use Zoella's candles because the smell in them is quite intense. Both of these types of candles are on the budget scale and they burn really well. I am also a fan of Sanctuary candles, where they have something for every budget too.

Natural light

The winter months, as well as the dull spring cold mornings, make for a dark and grim bedroom, Every time you want as much natural light in your room as possible, but it's not always easy to get this when it's so dark outside. So try to help it along with taking down net curtain (if you use them). Keep the decor in your bedroom light, this makes the room feel light and airy
as well as making it feel peaceful. Bold and bright colours are lovely to look at and they are fashionable but they are not relaxing and peaceful for the bedroom. when you're surrounded by bold colours, it's harder to sleep and it isn't very calming and peaceful. Stick to light colours that will encourage light to come into the room and also make the room look more spacious.


Get rid of the heavy winter quilt for the summer. Even a lower tog quilt can be too heavy on hot muggy nights. Go for a sheet and a bedspread. Bedspreads are light to use on the bed and it adds colour to your room when you place it on top of a sheet. You don't even need to stick to one bed spread, have a couple and change the pattern as the mood takes you. Bedspreads cost about the same amount as a pretty duvet cover too. Because bedspreads are lighter, then it makes it easier to wash and dry them in the summer too.Bedspreads aren't just for summer, they are for popping on top of your quilt in the winter too. I love a bedspread for comfort. If you are wondering where to get quilted bedspreads from, you can explore new summer collection at Yorkshire linen. I love a bedspread for comfort.

Fresh flowers

The smell of fresh flowers in the summer is just beautiful, add some to your bedroom. Not only is it lovely and summery, but it adds a little bit of relaxation to your bedroom.

Clean out

Have a bedroom overhaul, get the bin bags out and chuck anything away that you don't need. Sort out the winter clothes from your bedroom and get all of the summer clothes out. get rid of any junk that you have and if you haven't used it for a few months, then you have to ask if you're going to use it again. Having a clear out means that your bedroom feels bigger and less cluttered.

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