Monday, 16 July 2018

Ideas To Make It Easier To Move House

Kim and I were talking today about moving home, and how hard it was when I uprooted them in 2001 when they were all aged 10 and under. Now, of course, its 17 years later and they are all settled grown-ups and we have become part of our little town. At the time it was hard, but not having a blog at the time I couldn't share my experience. Moving house was hard on my kids! I had uprooted them from one county to another and they had lost all of their little friends. They were 9, 7 and nearly 6. An age when I thought that kids were resilient and would bounce back, an age that I thought they were going to settle in straight away after the big move - I was wrong! It took my kids over a year to settle down and for that reason, I have never moved house with Tilly.

I love reading blogs because they can often give you tips on things, but as blogs weren't even invented back then, I suppose I had to blag it all the way and pretend to know what I was doing. At least with writing this blog, I might be able to help someone else who is thinking of making a big move. So here are some ways to make a move easier both mentally and physically for you and your kids.

Prepare The Kids!

I didn't really talk to them about it until it was a done deal, I thought they were too young to be involved in the choice. But I should have involved them in the whole decision, I should have made sure they knew from the start, what was involved in the move and mentally prepared them for not seeing their little friends again. I should have told them about the move and what it involved. After the big move, it actually took them a whole year to settle down. A whole year of crying that they missed their friends. God, I felt like a rubbish mum!

Get A Person In To Do Removals.

I thought I would save some money and just hire a van and get someone to drive it for me. That didn't work. Yes, I saved money but I was left to find someone to drive a van, that was qualified enough and with the right license. Then I had to pay them to drive it on top of the cost of the hire of the van. I then had to load it all myself, and I can tell you now, I didn't even load it properly. So if I was to move again, I would either hire a man with a van, or removal company. I would want someone to do it for me and let it be one less thing to stress about. They are easy to find and with the internet these days, you can easily find someone to do your removals like East London Removal Service - The man van.


Try and get this sorted out as much as possible before the big move. When we moved, the school only had places for 2 of my 3 children and it caused so much stress to us as a family. The only school that they could offer Kim, was a failing school that was 2 miles away. They couldn't grasp the fact that I couldn't get the kids to two different schools at the same time. So I kept her home and refused to send her to anything different than the school her siblings went to. They had just been through the trauma of a huge move and now they were being separated at school. So I kept her home, saying I would home ed her. I even had the LEA sending the truancy officer around to my house. I still refused to send her to school. In the end, the school magically found her a place and she settled down with her friends. Kim talks about this and how it meant that she couldn't forge friendships as she didn't get to know anyone.

Redirect Your Post

This is a pretty good service that The Post Office offers and you can get your mail redirected for 3, 6 or 12 months from just £33.99 for each different last name. I did it for 3 months because then you should have told all the relevant people your new address. This is important to do because any mail that isn't redirected, is at risk of going to the old house and your identity could easily be stolen and used to blacklist you.

Change Your Details On Official Documents

Its a lot to think about but you need to change the address on your Tv license, your driving license, your house insurance, travel and life insurance. Make sure all of the electric and gas meters are all up to date and paid. Take a photo of the meter readings, and let the power companies know that you're moving out. Don't forget to cancel the Internet and phone line too and arrange for the new services to be put into your new home.

Prepare Yourself  For The Move

You will likely need a few bottles of wine to get you through the trauma of moving home, especially if you are doing it as a lone parent. Make sure you have the support network that you need and get as many friends in to help as possible. Is a completely new start for you too and these days, its made so much easier with the power of social media and you can make friends so much quicker. You can even get to know people before you move somewhere. Your health and wellbeing are just as important as everyone else's because starting again is as frightening as it is an adventure.

Moving home is a huge thing but it can be made so much easier with some advice from people that have done it in the past. Good luck with your big move.

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