Monday, 30 July 2018

Making Friendship Bracelets With KumiKreator

As Tilly is getting older and changing all of the time, so is her choice in activities that she wants to do. She is 8 and half years old now and her friends are becoming more and more a focal part of her life and she always wants to give them gifts, so we thought the KumiKreator from Spinmaster was a perfect toy for her to use with her friends because they could all make matching friendship bracelets.

The set includes

1 KumiKreator,
88 Spools,
10 Clasps,
20 End Caps,
26 Clasp Stickers,
1 Pattern Booklet,
1 Measuring Guide,
1 Storage Case,
1 Playbook

You get a pattern booklet in the box that tells you which coloured spools to use for each bracelet and how to load it to make the design that you want. You don't need to worry about knots or ties for the bracelet because once you have gathered all of the ends of the threads, you simply place them in a clip to hold them all together.

When its all clipped in, then you are ready to start making a bracelet. You have a handle that you turn and it weaves the spools in and out to create an amazing bracelet, but you need to remember to keep the bracelet and the threads quite tight, so they wind correctly. When your weaved bracelet starts getting quite long, it's easier to take it out of the clip and hold it tight. When the bracelet is made, you use some of the clasp stickers to hold all of the ends together. Use the measuring guide to measure the wrist of the person that you are giving the bracelet too and its a really easy guide for the kids to use. Then they use it to measure the length of the bracelet.

Trim the ends and pop an end cap on the bracelet at each end. This is what holds the bracelet together when it's on your arm. Then you pop a small plastic clasp in the end inside the end cap. this stops the endcaps falling off and losing them as well as the bracelet.

The KumiKreator is easy to use, but if you spin the handle too fast, then it all gets tangled and you have to unthread it and start again. This happened the first time we used it, so just turn it slowly and the spools and threads shouldn't tangle up. The spools are reusable, which means you can easily replace the threads from a craft or sewing shop and you could choose different colours to create different bracelets. This was so easy to use,  and Tilly is able to follow the patterns and set it up herself which obviously makes life easier for parents like me!

The KumiKreator is £29.99 from all good toy retailers and it is perfect for sleepovers, birthday parties or play dates.

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