Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Superhero Academy At ZSL London Zoo

School is out for the summer - YAY! I used to dread the summer holiday as a working mum because sorting out childcare was actually horrendous, but the company that I work for a really good and with Tilly's problems, they are able to work the hours around my child. So this summer, I don't have the worry about having to find someone to help out with Tilly. But it does mean more days out for us - double yay!

Tilly loves going to London and we always try to find something different to do. This summer already, we have been to London Zoo. The last time we took her there was about 7 years ago when she was a baby and she loved it. London Zoo is in Regents Park and is easy to get to from Camden town tube station as well as some bus links. You also have the car park, if you want to drive there.

The reason we went to London Zoo was that even though school is out for the summer, it is in fact still in for summer too because the guys at London Zoo have bought you ZSL's Superhero Academy for the whole family to enjoy. Everybody loves a superhero and Tilly is no exception. From now until Sunday 2nd September, you can go and train in animal strength, night vision, agility and speed at the special academy. When you first go inside the academy, you get given a mission pack, this is a clipboard and a list of quests that you have to complete. You also get given a face mask that your child colours in with their own design. When they have done this then the learning begins.

You go into a lesson where you can try to outrun a cheetah and learn the lesson of superspeed. You position yourself on a race track and a video of a cheetah appears next to you and you are timed to see if you can run faster than the cheetah. Do you think you will beat it? You learn the lesson of night vision and pick up valuable skills that you will need as a superhero. You learn from the best animal with night vision- an owl.

The lessons in strength come from the leafcutter ant. You will gain the super strength to lift a 3-tonne black cab. This was one of Tilly's favourite lessons.

Lastly, you have the lessons in defying gravity, you will learn to walk on the ceiling without falling down. Okay - reality check, you actually go into a room where everything is upside down and you take your pictures on your phone and then flip the picture 180 degrees, so it looks like you and your kids are walking on the ceiling.

When you have done all of the lessons, you take your quest sheet back to a member of staff who gives you a graduate scroll and you go to stand on a podium to take a picture of you graduating. Tilly was so proud that she had graduated, and as a fully qualified superhero, she now had to go out and help Captain Z to defeat Plastico, the naughty villain. Its all lots of imaginary fun, but full of valuable lessons as the kids learn about the world around us. Something that Tilly is passionate about is rubbish in the sea, this upsets her because we live on the seafront in kent and she knows how plastic can kill the sea animals.

When you have finished with the Superhero Academy, you have the rest of the day to explore the zoo, and see the superhero animals in action. We went on an extremely hot day, so we didn't see as many animals as we wanted to because they were all hiding in the shaded areas, I guess. Who would blame them? But we still had a great day out. For ticket prices please visit the ZSL website and how to book online to avoid disappointment with gaining entry to the zoo. The Superhero Academy is included in the zoo ticket.

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