Friday, 13 July 2018

Tips To Stay Safe Whilst Driving

After our accident in Holland last week, Tilly felt that she needed to make a YouTube video about how to stay safe in a car. You can view it here, she is 8 and innocent and if she knows that this is the wrong behaviour In a car, then surely you would think an adult would think about safety too.

Sadly it doesn't always happen, people think they can get behind a car and think they are invisible, but it can take a click of your fingers and everything can change for you. So today we want to talk about car safety. If my 8 year old can do it, then so can we.

Mobile phones

This was the cause of the accident that we had a couple of weeks ago, the lady was sending a WhatsApp message. Guys, don't even take your eyes off the road to answer the phone, it's really not worth the risk and if you get caught it will be a £60 fine and 3 points on your licence. But if you go to court, it can be up to £1000 fine. Nobody is ever that important enough to answer the phone when you're driving.


What condition is yours in? Maybe it's time to check them and get new ones. Legally your tyre tread needs to be 1.6 mm in size. Sizing doesn't mean much to me when you talk about it, but if you pop a 20p into the tyre like this, and the 20p numbers are nearly covered, then your tyres are safe. Without the proper tread on your tyres, you don't have much chance of stopping in time if you're in an accident. This can cause further damage to yourself and your car.  Get your tyres fitted professionally, this way you can ensure they are safe and you can drive around in the confidence that someone else has done them for you.

Drinking and driving

I think we have all had this drummed into us, from such a young age and we have all seen images of the devastation that can be caused by a driver that is under the influence of alcohol.  Alcohol impairs your ability to judge things and where you would normally stop in time of an accident, you will find that you can't stop in time of an accident. You could even be the cause of an accident

Ice and snow

I do not know how often I see this in the winter. People don't bother to remove the snow and ice from their car. This can easily fall down on to your windscreen as you drive and block your view. It's an accident waiting to happen!

Knowing basic car maintenance

Having a car is all fine and dandy, but do you know what to do if your car breaks down or if you run out of oil, then you are putting yourself at risk. Do you know how to check your oil? Have you got a toolkit in your car? Regularly check your lights, windscreen wash and water. Check the windscreen for chips and get them repaired straight away. Knowing your basic car maintenance could help you in an accident or a breakdown.

Carry basic car safety equipment

In European countries, it is the law to carry a Hight Vis jacket for every person in the car, even children, a warning triangle for the event of a breakdown or accident and a first aid kit. It could help if you carry these in the UK too. I have been in a breakdown on the motorway before, the high vis jackets would have been a great idea. A blanket is a good idea to carry as well as bottles of water if you're travelling on a hot day.

Make sure your kid is in a car seat or at least buckled up

I always make sure Tilly has buckled in a seat belt anyway, even if its to go around the corner. You never know when there could be an accident. We were lucky in our accident, Tilly had seat belt bruising, but those bruises are proof that a seat belt saved her life. Always make sure you wear a seat belt too.

If you're a driver, please make sure you travel safely especially if you travel with children. Even if you don't travel with kids, think about kids in other cars that could be in danger if you don't drive safely.

*Collaborative post

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