Friday, 6 July 2018

We Had A Car Crash Because Someone Was Using Their Phone

I know that people go on about drivers using mobile phones when they drive, it is illegal in the UK and people still do it. But I surprised Tilly with a trip to visit her brother in Bruinesse, Holland at the weekend and we were caught up in an accident where a woman was whatsapping on her phone whilst she was driving.

Bruinesse is a little town on an island, just south of Rotterdam, it's beautiful there and as it was a really hot day, we decided to go to Centre Parcs Port Zeelande for the afternoon to use the pool. It has an amazing pool and it is about half an hour away from where they live.

We were all excited as we climbed into the car, I had taken Tilly's booster seat with me because we had travelled to Holland by coach and I wanted to be sure she was safe as we travelled through UK, France, Belgium and Holland. So I placed Tilly's booster seat in the car and made sure she was buckled in. Its routine with her and although she rarely goes in a car, she knows she has to have the seat belt on and placed in the right place. As we travelled to Port Zeelande, we were laughing in the car, Tilly was singing to Lily Allen and everyone was having a good day. That was until we noticed the car in front of us crashed into the cars in front of her. We had been travelling at a respectable speed and as Amber braked, we were travelling at 15 Kms an hour. There was a line of brake marks along the road that we left and I could see Amber frantically looking for a way to avoid the cars. She was going to swerve but there were cars coming towards us and that would have been worse.

I always thought that if I was ever going to be in a car accident, I would have time to check my baby was safe and protect her. NAH! that didn't happen, I didn't have time to check she was okay, I think I glanced at her seat belt and that was it. As we hit the car, I don't think that I had any thoughts going through my head, then we bounced back and I braced myself for someone to hit us from behind. It didn't happen, luckily. The car behind us stopped in time.

We got out of the car and sat on the sandbank as the emergency services arrived. Tilly had hurt her neck where the seatbelt had dug into her and has been left with a bit of bruising on her chest, but she had her seatbelt on and it saved her life. The cars in front had a mechanic and her boyfriend in, and a nurse and her boyfriend in. So the mechanic made sure the cars were safe and the nurse checked everyone out, which the two boyfriends grabbed hi-vis jackets and directed the traffic. They had it so organised. The paramedics checked people out and the lady that had been using her phone was rushed off with chest injuries. We walked away from it with bruising.

The day could have been so much worse than it was but we all walked away from the accident and we are all alive. Seatbelts do save lives, so you should always wear one, even if it's in the back seat.  Police in a foreign country always seem so scary, don't they? I got told off for not carrying my passport with me, but as we were only going swimming I thought that I didn't need it with me. But if it had been a more severe accident, then we would have had nothing to identify us. I see how much trouble it causes when you don't have I.D on you. So please learn from my lesson and always carry your passport if you are travelling abroad. We all walked away from this and Tilly and I are here to carry on blogging. Today is a good day to be alive!

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