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What Do I Need To Take To Camp Bestival?

We are going to Camp Bestival for the first time EVER and to say Tilly is excited, is an understatement. But as a first timer, I have been taking some tips on what to get, because, there is always going to be something that I didn't think about.

We have been to festivals before, so we are no stranger to them and each one is unique in its own way. We are only going to try to take basics because the car park is about a mile from the campsite and that can be a long way if you have huge amounts of stuff to carry.

If you still haven't decided whether to go to Camp Bestival or not, you can still buy tickets for the weekend and also the day. please pop over to to get some before the fun starts.

This is a lightweight tent that folds up incredibly small for what it is, the poles are lightweight and it folds back into its bag so easily. We have a Vango Scafell 200, this is a lovely, warm tent and its sufficient for Tilly and I.

Sleep mat/airbed

I have a double air bed, then I know Tilly is close to me but these are smaller than a normal double mattress and sometimes I wake up in the space between the airbed and the tent walls - DOH! I have seen inflated mattresses mentioned and sleep mats too. I guess it's down to your own preference and budget. Mine was about a tenner from Asda last year and we have used it about 4 times. Don't forget your pump.

Sleeping bags

Although the weather looks to be spectacular if it carries on like this, you will still get cold at night. If we are camping, I always take an extra blanket for us to use if it does get cold. This year we have a double sleeping bag as I thought it might be better than carrying two sleeping bags.


You don't have to have a huge stove to cook on, we have a tiny one and it is sufficient for us. It heats up fast and it folds away really small. We have a small one because I don't drive so we have to rely on public transport to get us about and this is so small and lightweight that you don't realise you have it. We have the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Stove and its fab.

Extra Blanket

We have an extra blanket, because not only is is suitable at night for the chilly air, but also handy for taking with you to sit on for picnics, whether by the tent or actually inside the Festival.


Now you don't want to be lugging heavy chairs up the hill. We have this stool that Tilly bought from the local factory shop, it's not great but she uses it when we go out because it's on a backpack and there is also a cool bag on there.  I have a Trono, which is a chair that inflates itself when you wave your arms about. And also a sofa type blow up chair too. You obviously don't need the chairs, but it adds comfort. you can just take a blanket to sit on.

Kids Bubbles/ frisbees/bubble solution/bat and ball games

Keeps the kids occupied by the tent, send them off to play whilst you enjoy wine!

Frozen water in bottles

Pop a few larger bottles of water into the freezer a few days before you go and then pop them in your cool bag, they should stay frozen or cold for at least a day or two. This means you can take some fresh food or milk to use in the tent.  Then drink the water when it has defrosted.

Phone banks

Take one of these if you don't use your phone much, but still, want to keep it charged up. You can hire them on site at the festival for £25, and they will replace it every day for a fully charged one. This is perfect if you use your phone a lot.

Charger leads

No good having the charger if you don't take the leads to charge your devices up.


Take this for your tent, if you are a drinker but glass is prohibited, I guess there are kids running around and they don't want to fall on broken glass. Also, there are usually animals that go into the fields after the festival, so it's not nice for them either. Take boxes of wine, cans of drinks, plastic bottles.

Empty bottle

There are water taps there with drinkable water and you just take your bottle to the tap and fill it.

Bin Bags

Respect the area and clear up after yourself and your family.


Don't forget the plates, cutlery, plastic beakers etc because you will need them for meals at the tent.

Glitter/tattoos/face paints

Tilly loves nothing more than smothering herself in glitter so these will be perfect for her and her friend.

Bank cards

Take a small amount of cash but you can also take cards and use them on some of the stalls and there are cashpoint machines on site too.

Pot Noodles/ porridge pots/snacks

These are fantastic because you just add hot water. Have a hot meal from the stands at the festival at lunchtime and then a pot noodle at dinner time in the evening. Porridge pots are fab for filling you up in the morning too. Snacks are great to take because you can shove some in your bag - kids are a bottomless pit.

Ear Defenders 

These are perfect for the noise at the festival. Tilly doesn't have any sensory issues but asked for some of these after her last festival.

Sun Cream

It's going to be a hot one, so make sure you are fully covered.

Here we have some tips from a blogger, who has been before.

Darren from says ''Don't forget a torch, baby wipes, insect repellent and sun cream?? Plus loads of snacks as it saves you some cash! ''

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