Monday, 23 July 2018

Whole School Meals Refused My Child A School Meal

Dear Whole School Meals

You provide meals for the children that want them in my child's school and all of the local schools. For £2.30, all of the kids can get a reasonably good meal that will keep them energised for the day in school. Tilly doesn't have them often, but for a while this year, it was her Wednesday treat to have a roast dinner. She would also have them if life got in the way and I didn't have time to go to the shop and buy her some lunch for her lunch box.

She hasn't had them for a while and recently I received a bill saying that I owed £7.80, I knew that I didn't. and put it in the back of my mind to contact WSM about the discrepancy as it wasn't the first time it had happened. In fact, I am always getting them, when I have already paid for them - that really pisses me off!

Today I sent Tilly to school with strict instructions that she was school dinners because basically I failed as a parent and forgot to get some bread out of the freezer. It happens, nobody is perfect. I made a mental note to go and get some cash from town after I did the school drop off.

That was when the school phoned me to tell me that they had instructions form you to refuse my child a school meal. I almost laughed out of shock, I told the school that I had been to get the money and would drop it in after school. I explained that I keep being overcharged and they went through the bill with me. I had indeed been overcharged by £1.40.

I am furious that you take it in your hands to refuse a child a meal all for the bill of £6.40 (the correct amount I owe). How dare you decide who can have food and who cant? I know you run a business but refusing a child a meal is absolutely disgusting! I am furious. How do you know that my child doesn't rely on this for her only meal of the day? How do you know that my child may be stuck on the poverty trap and I didn't have money until the next day? How do you know that my child isn't an abused child and that is the only meal she gets a day? The fact my child is a very much loved child and I was going to town to get the cash means that I could pay the bill.

How dare you play God with children's lives? How dare you decide who can and can't have a meal in the middle of a heat wave when kids are needing more food and drink to replace the energy that they are sweating out in the sunshine. How dare you refuse to feed any child for the sake of £6.40.

I know the reply will be that you wouldn't go to a restaurant and pay the next day, but the fact is that I wouldn't go to a restaurant if I was poor! I know that my story isn't the only one of disappointment and anger because others have told me how they have had problems with you. So now my bill is paid, but I only had a £10, so you actually owe me £1.30, I have written this on the envelope, please pay this back to me within the next few days otherwise I will have no choice but to repeatedly send you a reminder until it is paid.

I guess the reason I am so angry and disappointed in the way WSM are treating children and putting money before the welfare of kids. Lets hope that one day, your own kids or grandchildren are never refused a meal. Because it could be the only meal they get. Surely the needs of children should be put above your profits. Surely the needs of children should come above everything. I have never received such demands before and I have had some debts in my lifetime.

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