Monday, 27 August 2018

9 Ways To Get Cash - FAST!

The summer holidays this year have absolutely drained me financially and there is still just over a week to go. And then as soon as the kids go back to school, its time for me to start thinking about what to get the kids for Christmas. I only have one small child to buy for but the older kids still need gifts too. I need to get cash and I need it fast, so here are some tips on how to get cash fast.

Although when we sell stuff on eBay, we put it on for a week or longer but did you know there is a buy it now option and you can sell your stuff and have payment within minutes or hours. You need an active PayPal account to be able to do this and then set it up with your bank account. Then you just transfer the money out when you need it. You can also use PayPal to buy things online from train tickets to shopping. Setting up an eBay account and a PayPal account is free to do.

Selling through Facebook 

This is an easy way to sell your stuff and get some same day money. Just post on your timeline or in a local facebook group and you can sell within minutes. Obviously, don't out price yourself. So often I see things for sale on a Facebook page and it is so overpriced that it will never sell. Be careful about sharing your address on a Facebook forum and never give the item away unless they pay upfront.


This is surprisingly easy and I have had to do it in the past too, a few times. Even though I have an absolute shambles of a credit score, its good to know that there is a loan company can help you out at short notice and have a loan. There are pros and cons to this, and you can find more advice on payday loans on about how they work. I have needed to use a loan company like this before and if you are needing to take out a loan for a home appliance, it is cheaper to do it this way than to take a loan out from the shop itself. You get a better rate this way.

Matched Betting 

This is a good way to get some extra cash, it is easy to do and you sign up to betting sites. has some advice on how to make money and over a year she made £12,000 risk and tax-free. I have done this when I have needed cash quickly in the past. It does normally take about 48 hours for the cash to transfer to the bank.

Collect any money owed

We all have money that is owed from friends or children, you need to be getting that. I know its embarrassing to be asking for your money back, but they weren't embarrassed to ask for it and to keep it this long. We are living in a country where money is so tight and we need all the money we can get our hands on. Chase up that money.

Cash In loyalty accounts and use points cards for shopping

Most shops have a loyalty card system going on, and if you make the most of these and use them everytime you shop, then you earn cash onto the card that you can use in the shop. If you're hard up then this is a fabulous way to get some shopping. at the moment I have about £20.00 over various supermarket cards and £6.00 on my Superdrug beauty card, this is a great fall back. Also if you use websites like Top Cashback, make sure you cash them in. Even if its supermarket vouchers or quite often you can transfer it to a PayPal or bank account.


I personally haven't used this but it is an app that works on the same principle as a selling site like eBay. From what I have heard, it's easy to use and you can share what you're selling on your social media too.

Mystery shopping

This is a bit slower than the other ways in the blog post, but it does work. You are given a brief and you have to go and buy certain things, then keep the receipts and fill out a questionnaire about your experience. It is a lot of work for the little bit of money that you get, but you do get free products too. Before I was a blogger, I did some mystery shopping and I picked and chose the best ones to do. You pay for everything up front and get your money back about a week later as well as your £5 or £10 payment.

Advertise for odd jobs

Ask on social media if anyone needs some odd jobs done. Pop postcards in newsagents windows and ask friends if they need anything done. Can you cut hair? Offer to do your friend's hair. Are you good at DIY? Offer to do friends and family. Get some business cards printed and get some good recommendations from people that you have done some work for. Don't forget to register as self-employed

There are so many ways to make some cash fast, and you can get yourself out of some sticky cash-strapped situations. Do you have any tips on getting cash fast? leave them in the comments below.

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