Monday, 6 August 2018

A First Visit To Camp Bestival 2018

So we all know the story of Camp Bestival being cancelled on the final day due to the horrendous weather, but we were there, and the two days before the cancellation was the most EXCELLENT days! 

We arrived at Camp Bestival at 8pm on Thursday evening and we found there was no queue to get into the camping plus campsite and there was no problem parking in the camping plus car park. We had heard stories of queues to get into the site, but as we arrived later, we just went straight in. The security checks your belongings on the way in, for anything forbidden (but they just give it a quick once-over, you don't have to get everything out.)

We found our camping patch and put our tents up. The ground can be hard, so we were recommended to get hard ground pegs, these can be bought from Amazon for about £10. As with all camping and festivals, the toilets were a few minutes walk away but there was flushing toilets as well as portaloos and throughout my whole stay I had to queue once to use them so I would say there was enough for everyone to use. The showers, however, was a different story. I had to queue for half an hour on Saturday, and that was getting up at 7am to get one - but once you had one it was worth the wait. The showers were hot and they were cleaned after every person used them. 

The camping plus field was a bit of a trek from the entrance to the festival but once you are there, you don't really go back to your tent in the daytime. The festival was HUGE and there was so much to do for the whole family. In the upper kids garden, we found a rainbow to have our photo taken in and then there was so much going on with performances, one was with Morris dancers that thrilled Tilly. Then as you wander through, there is the literary tent where you could sit and listen to speakers. It was really relaxing and great to get out of the hustle and bustle of the festival. There is also the huge Feast Collective tent that offers several different meal options as well as the Dorset WI tent, where you could get homemade cakes and cups of tea. carry on walking and it takes you round to the lower kids garden. There was so much more for them to do there. Of course with Tilly, it has to be the popular LOL dolls. They had a stand that had the most fantastic of prizes for all kids and gave them a chance to be creative. There was so much to do there from craft tents to science shows, even Cbeebies characters made an appearance. 

The tents with the stalls all offered something different and there was something for everyone in the family! We even managed to do the karaoke with British Airways, you pop into a cockpit and you can sing you loud out of tune version of 'This Is Me' and nobody can hear you - I don't think, well I hope ...... The stand was run by real members of the British Airways airline and it was so lovely to meet them all. 

Of course, when you're at a festival, it's the shows that you want to see, in the daytime it was full of kids entertainment and in the evening it became a place to drink, relax and listen to your favourite music. The entertainment seemed busier in the daytime with kids trying to get to the front to see their favourite artists, but in the evening, it was so much more laid back in the castle field. There are of course loads more stages depending on what kind of music you want to listen to, with a choice of different music. Walking back to the tent after listening to Rick Astley, we heard some music coming from the circus tent ''Mum, I think that's Jaguar Skills'' said Tilly, so even though it was nearly midnight, we went to investigate and it was indeed Jaguar Skills! I love that Tilly learns so much from festivals and she takes it all in. 

For the first time at Camp Bestival, it gets the thumbs up from us. We loved it, there were so many memories made from the weekend and we soaked so much in. We even broke a world record for the most amount of things unboxed in 5 minutes - we are super proud to be part of that. Camp Bestival ran from 26th - 29th July this year and next year it will run from 25th -28th July 2019. Early bird tickets went on sale today and can be found here, and are available to buy in a payment plan. This is a fantastic facility because it means you put down a deposit and then make 10 monthly payments. This makes it so much more affordable to go for families and is something I would recommend. You can find details of the tickets here

Tilly absolutely loved this festival, we slept tried to sleep in our small two-man tent and ate pot noodles for 48 hours in a field, She was so disappointed that the weather took a turn for the worse, as was I and she wanted to go back once the weather calmed down. I have created a festival loving monster that knows she can run around with no shoes on (which is excellent that they have the no glass rule) and make friends with people that she would never have met otherwise. If you're looking for a festival to go to with kids next year, then this is perfect for you. We felt safe in our tent and all of the staff on site made it a pleasure to be there. You're never short of food to eat and even the pickiest of eaters can find something that they like.

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