Monday, 20 August 2018

Crate Creatures Surprise Review

Tilly has always been that little girl that is Just as happy to play with dolls as she is monster toys, her current obsession seems to be sharks! So when we were sent this Snort Hog from, I knew Tilly would love it!. The creature is secured in a crate with a plastic chain and padlock, to keep it secured in the crate. On the side of the box is a crowbar, that you remove and use to open the padlock. Then again, you use the crowbar to open the front of the crate and your creature pops out of the top on a spring loaded platform.

The Snort Hog does so many gross things that it is funny to play with and even had me giggling. For example, you could shake him and knock him over to make him giggle with fun.

Push the button on the back of his head and snot flies out of his nose, this made us laugh so much.

Pull his tongue and he gets angry with you, his eyes glow up and he shakes with anger.

Feed him the corndog that is included in the crate and he makes chomping sounds.

There is a button on the front of his tummy, push it and talk to the snort hog, he then repeats it back to you.

The snort hog is soft and furry and has four arms instead of the usual two. his tongue is long and thin, I was almost too worried about Tilly pulling it too much, but it stood the test of being pulled and was stronger than I thought. He has two huge horns that come from his mouth and his nails are painted blue. He has batteries and an on/off switch so you can switch him off at night.

The crate is made of card and plastic and it's sturdy enough to play with over and over again. We like that it comes with the padlock and the crowbar because it makes it more realistic and fun. The padlock is cable tied to the box so you won't lose it either.

I'm not sure if this is guided towards girls or boys, but Tilly is 8 and she loved it. I think it would be equally as fun for a boy to play with too. You can own a Crate Creature for £39.99 from Smyth's toy shop and there are 4 to buy, Sizzle, Pudge, Blizz and Snort hog. Its suitable for kids of 4 and over.

This toy is excellent value for money and I think it will be on many Christmas lists this year. He is different from other toys that Tilly would play with and the idea of the toy is so good. Tilly sometimes has bad dreams and to make monsters fun for her is such a good idea.

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