Wednesday, 8 August 2018

LOL Surprises Biggies Pet Set Unboxing

Tilly is no different to other kids her own age and she is hugely into unboxing as much as the next kid so when she was sent this LOL Surprise, she was in her element. The Lol Surprise Biggies Pet set is a HUGE ball filled with loads of surprises. Tilly is such an animal lover and as she unboxed this, all I could hear was 'ooohhhh' and 'ahhhhhh' as she was so excited to find the surprises. The  Lol Surprise Biggies Pet set is a huge ball that with an animal in there. There was also a pair of 3D glasses, a bracelet and a collar for your pet (this can also double up as a handle for your ball)

Tilly opened hers and found she had a black and white dog in it. At the bottom is a dial to turn and it opens up to reveal all sorts of packages and surprises. These new LOL Surprise Biggies pets come in three designs, a bunny, a dog, a cat and a hamster. Which one will you get?
There were three different sized and shaped boxes and inside them was a putty, you dig around and you find a kitten or puppy in there. In the packets are little accessories to use with your pets, you get some things to add to the puppies and you also get charms to add to the bracelet that is inside the pink ball. There are some pooper scoopers, which we realised after, where probably to help dig the putty out of the boxes.

Tilly enjoyed playing with the babies and because they were all different, I liked the idea of talking about diversity and how all families are different. The bigger dog can also double up as a money box for the kids to save up some pocket money. All of the puppies and accessories can also be stored in the dog as well as the huge LOL ball.

The 3D glasses help your child to follow the secret clues on the box and Tilly also use it on the dog lead attached to the dog. Having the charms on the charm bracelet means that Tilly feels part of her toy is always with her and its a little bit of fashion for her to wear. One of the charms comes in a heart shape and it has a spinner that your child can use as a fortune teller.

The toys are all well made and are so absolutely cute. Seeing Tilly's face as she opened the surprises was so magical. You can get your child a LOL Surprise Biggie Pet for your child from Smyths for £36.99.

Whats your favourite animal?

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