Monday, 10 September 2018

A Day Out At Go! Organic Festival In Battersea Park

Yesterday, Summer officially finished for me! The last festival of the season took place for us and we certainly went out on a high! Go! Organic Festival was a brand new festival for this year and it most certainly was a success in the eyes of us.

Go! Organic is all about promoting Organic food and products for people to try and buy, as well as finding ways to protect the world from the devastation that we cause every day with our plastic bags and bottles. It was a fantastic learning curve for both Tilly and me, although Tilly is very passionate about the subject already. Tilly gets upset when she sees sea animals wrapped in plastic carrier bags or plastic bottles. Go! Organic also promoted healthy eating for the kids that attended the show, Tilly loves her fruit anyway, so I am lucky there but she was surrounded in fruit and sweets alternatives yesterday, which educated her more.

You bought an entry ticket, but everything was included in the price apart from the obvious food and drink that you would normally buy and the products from the stands that you would buy. I have never been to a festival that has had so much included in the price. Payday is still two days away for me and I had mentioned to Tilly that I didn't have money for extra's at the festival, she smiled and told me it was okay but deep down, you want to let them have the extra experiences. But can you imagine our excitement when we got there and found the fair rides for kids were in with the ticket price? This is a real game changer for me and it meant that Tilly could enjoy the rides as well as the actual festival. This makes a difference to families like mine on a budget.

There were also so many activities to do with kids that were offered by the brands attending the festival. There was a children's eco-art camp that was sponsored by Honest Organic drinks and they made all the children welcome and used their upcycling ideas to show children what they can do to use the packaging of the cardboard to make baskets, that was then filled with fresh fruit and plastic bottles by making bird feeders. They had a stand where you could decorate a pebble and a little theatre area where you were shown by Grace from Eats Amazing how to create simple food art that the kids can do themselves. I have never been the parent that makes fancy food for kids, but even I could recreate these foods! I love that this was all included in with the ticket for the festival ticket price.

The Go! Organic festival had a welcoming feel to it, everyone seemed to be enjoying it in the sunshine, it was relaxing for families because the fair was positioned next to the hill that had the family picnic area, so I had my eyes on Tilly all the time she wanted to go on the fair rides. Although there was a bar, nobody got too drunk and rowdy, it was a perfect family afternoon out in Battersea Park. I have been to festivals where Tilly has been crushed in the crowd, trying to see a band on stage, but yesterday, everyone stood back and let the kids go to the front. Go! Organic was a totally different festival to go to and we loved it.

Places like food festivals are great places for picking up healthy eating ideas and recipes too, you can learn so much from a day out here. I don't actually think I realised how important it is to think about going organic until I went to the Go! Organic festival, it bought home the importance of working together to create a safe environment for the animals around us to live in. Did you know that since the UK bought in carrier bag charges, single carrier bag usage has dropped by 85%? this means there are millions less of single-use bags in landfills and in the sea, killing sea creatures. This is a huge achievement in the UK. We need to start thinking about the future for our children and it starts with using one less single-use carrier bag or taking a water bottle out with you and refilling it.

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