Monday, 3 September 2018

How Does It Feel When Your Child Goes Back To School?

So today is the last day of the summer holidays, and the past 6 weeks seems to have gone so fast. Tomorrow Tilly is going to start year 4 which means that she is going to be working towards getting ready for secondary school in a few years time. They spent some time at the end of the last term preparing for the new school year and meeting the new teacher and teaching assistant but there's always a worry that your child isn't going to settle into a new school year.

Last year she struggled so much when she went into year 3 but that could be down to the fact that she was going from infants into Juniors and all of a sudden school wasn't all about playing it was about learning. I worry so much about her getting on at school but at her senco meeting at the end of the last term I was absolutely delighted to find out that Tilly has really caught up with school and instead of being 2 years behind she is now only two terms behind and she's getting so much support for her dyslexia she's finding ways to cope with it. I proud of the way that she is finding ways to cope with living with dyslexia and she makes me smile every day with her determination.
We have had a really busy summer this year and it seems like we have not stopped. It has been fun-filled and exhausting but we have created memories that will stay with her forever. We finished on Saturday with a trip to London and we went out with a bang! but it will be strange not having her around all the time, its been like she is an extension of me at the moment and I have really enjoyed having her around. 

We have prepared her for year 4 by having a picture of her new teacher on the wall all summer, it has made us laugh because every time I walk around the house and I'm naked, it looks like he is watching me. I am not going to be able to look him in the eyes when I do the school run, am I? 

I am hoping that Tilly is ready and confident for the new academic year, she seems to be happy enough to go to school in year 4, but there is always that thought in the back of my mind that she won't settle in and she will struggle with the work. Is she ready for year 4? We won't know until she goes back tomorrow morning. My heart will be in my throat all day long and I will be nervous until I get home and check if she has had a good day. I feel like I have used Tilly as a security blanket this summer and we have done so much together, been on so many adventures and shared so much time together. I think the separation issues will probably be more on my end than on hers, and I think I will struggle with that. 

Good luck to Tilly on your first day back to school. 

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