Monday, 17 September 2018

Overcoming The Stigma Of Dyslexia

A few days ago I wrote a blog post about how people didn't understand dyslexia and one blogger reached out to me and her story is amazing, it's courageous and it's inspiring. Laura blogs at and you can find her on BloglovinTwitterInstagram and Pinterest. Please pop over and check her out, maybe send some love to her.

Laura says

Where do I start? 

I was diagnosed as dyslexic when I was in primary school in the 90's. One of only two children at my school. I was constantly made to feel different. My headmaster who performed some of the tests even told me I was stupid and would never amount to anything. I was lucky I had a lovely teacher who was in charge of learning difficulties as it was called at my school. She helped me understand dyslexia. During my testing it was discovered I have a very high IQ. 

I went on to be the first person in Scotland to do spoken English at standard grade achieving a 1 and went on to do higher English and history something that was completely unheard of from a dyslexic. I was teased and bullied a lot in school. Not just by pupils but by teachers, who just didn't understand me. It made me feel like an outcast and that I was not good enough to do anything important. One day my mind changed and the constant teasing made me angry. 

I wanted to prove the world wrong. I have achieved the following HND in acting and performance and HND in policing. I have been an actress, admin assistant, police officer, sports massages therapist, Makeup artist and now a blogger. I love to learn and study. How ironic is that? Sometimes I still need help to read a word or two or get muddled. But technology is helping me every day. I try to never to let the grammar or spelling police bother me. Yes, I get there and their confused, yes B and D are a mystery in my life. I treat people as I would like to be treated. I will never understand bullying.

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