Friday, 14 September 2018

Stop Shaming People For Grammar!

One thing that I am sick of seeing on the internet is the constant snide remarks from the 'grammar police', someone makes a spelling mistake and suddenly people seem to come out of nowhere and they seem to be the best spellers in the world. This actually really riles me up so much, because I often make grammar mistakes and someone is on it like I have committed the worst crime in the history of the world. I see it getting worse on social media because people are so quick to troll peoples posts and comment as soon as someone makes a mistake. They must honestly be the most perfect people in the world because they never seem to make a mistake about anything. And quite usually, it's the same people over and over again criticising spelling and grammar.

Some people often think they are innocently joking about someone's spelling, but the jokes are not funny. The comments cut you like a knife! Have you ever been on the end of someone's cruel jokes that they think are funny? But really they are not, they hurt and they bash confidence. You seem to live in your own little world, where everything is a joke, but it isn't - it's hurtful.

It's not that we live in a world of over sensitive people that get upset when people take the mickey. Its that we live in a world where people are trying so hard to lead a 'normal' life but are being bashed for it. People with learning difficulties struggle every single day of their life, they are so proud when they do a little thing that they couldn't do yesterday. When Tilly learns to spell a new word, or she goes up a reading level, its like she has climbed a mountain. She has achieved something so special and she is so proud of herself. She lives of that happiness for days and she is so positive and confident. When people take the mickey out of someone with spelling and grammar problems, they take away that confidence, they take away that happiness and they take away that persons smile. Do you really want to be that person that destroys another person?

I do fear for Tilly's future because of the ignorance that she will have to encounter for the rest of her life. It scares me that there isn't enough understanding and people think they can hide behind a computer and write nasty stuff without consideration for others. The fact that my daughter's intelligence is off the scale, doesn't seem to matter when it comes to what they see. My child probably has more intelligence in her little finger than most adults that have in the whole of their body, the same goes for all people that suffer from dyslexia. Yet they are called names like thick and stupid. Why do we live in such a negative state, where anyone dares to be different and you are shot down for it.

Next time you correct someone's spelling or you post a meme taking the mickey out of peoples grammar or spelling, please think about the consequences it has for others. bullying someone for their spelling or reading is not big and it's not clever. It hurts! Believe it or not many people with dyslexia have become successful bloggers and here we have a few comments about how people make them feel on a daily basis.

Emma from says I have dyslexia, had a stroke & have heart issues.
I come across ignorance every day. From the mums on the school run who think I’m drunk ( speech and falling over ) to the old ladies who overtake me walking around Asda ( being called lazy before)
I’ve also been called stupid because of my dyslexia- I have an IQ of 136 

Kim from says 
Growing up I always struggled with dyslexia. As a child, I just battled through it not really realising I had dyslexia. However, I was lucky when I hit secondary school. I was only there about 6 weeks before they tested me for dyslexia. Once I had a diagnosis, I got a lot of help and support. I was given a special dictionary that helped with my spelling, extra time in exams and some one on one support.

Faith from
 I have both visible and invisible disabilities. Invisible: I have dyslexia (both letters and numbers)and also struggle to be able to get out what I want to say coherently in words when trying to write them down. I have had people in the past make fun when I have written and also when reading telephone numbers out. I don't care and blogging has helped a lot with the getting things out but still takes ages.

Lydia from says Thank you for pointing out the grammar police! I used to look down at people who spelt incorrectly until I got the hell over myself and realised that some people missed school through illness or have dyslexia. I have anxiety and have definitely heard one too many "just stop worrying, don't be daft" comments from people who can't see how badly it affects me

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