Friday, 7 September 2018

Time For Yourself Is As Important As Being A Mum

Wow! to say this week has been busy would be an understatement. It has been all go in the house of Tilly and Vicky, what with back to school excitement and having to go away for work. I am so pleased that we have reached the weekend.

So on Tuesday, Miss Tilly went back to school to start the new academic year, It's a bit sad that I had to work but she was excited to go and Kim took her in and she seemed to be happy with that. I wrote at the start of the week about how worried I was about her settling into year 4 but the hardest part is over now and she has actually started. She came home full of so much adoration for the new teacher. She was excited to tell me about her day and by this morning she was getting up of her own accord and getting her own uniform out to wear (normally this is left for me to do). So Year 4 is going well so far. I can't say as much for home life adapting back to school life .... so far this week her lunch box has been full of the oddest of kids foods until I get back into the routine of buying lunch foods. This morning her lunch was half of an M & S egg and potato salad, two satsumas and a few crisps left in the bottom of a huge value brand tortilla chips bag from Sainsbury's.

I also had to go away in the early hours of Wednesday morning to Nottingham for a fragrance conference for work. This was hard work to do and in true Vicky style, I made the train with a minute to spare. Once I was on the train, I soaked up the feeling of escapism! I had been with Tilly all of the summer holidays and we had been attached by the hips, so it was lovely to be able to actually be 'Vicky' for a change. I call this conference my 'back to school rehab'.

Anyway arriving at the conference, is always magical because you are completely out of the store environment and you are surrounded by the luxury brands that you sell all of the time. Having conferences like these gets us to meet the people behind the brands as well as the people that work in head office and it makes it so much more of a personal working environment to be in.

I got to stay in a hotel, with no childcare worries, no little kid waking me up in the middle of the night because she can't open the bathroom door or getting in my bed because she has had a nightmare, leaving me to hang off the edge of the bed because she has starfished. As much as I love my kid, I really do look forward to time away. Luckily I took a few extra changes of clothes because we had the most amazing pink champagne for pre-dinner drinks and a professional photographer to take pictures of us and a meal put on by Coty Fragrances. Then as we went into the beautiful dining hall, that looked like it was set for a gala dinner, there was a bottle of Joop Wow for women on the table. Such a beautiful and extravagant night put on by Coty. Thank you!

Meeting the brands is always the best time, I know a few of them because I have been with Superdrug for 13 years now. So it's almost like being in a room of old friends and they are giving you advice on the new launches. It's like a friend telling you about a new perfume that they have and they want to tell you all of the details.

The only downside of going to conferences is the travel home, I clung on to every last minute of being my own person, of being Vicky and of being a fragrance advisor and not a mum. The journey home took four and a half hours, but as soon as I got home and Tilly wrapped her arms around my neck and told me that she had missed me, I knew I was back where I belonged, being a mummy too!

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