Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Tinder Is A Mine Field Of Degrading Men

After writing my last blog post about My Seven Days On Tinder, I decided that I would carry on and see what came from it. Now there are plenty of nice people out there and I have chatted with a few of them, but they are not for me. I swear Tinder really cannot count because I set it to 16 miles away and I am getting people from 100's of miles away.

So how have I got on? I have spoken to a few lovely blokes on there, but nothing has come from it, maybe I'm actually not as ready as I thought to meet new people. The whole idea actually scares the crap out of me, to be truthful. What kind of bloke do I like? I like them a bit younger because I don't actually feel my age anyway. I am struggling with the fact that my next milestone birthday is 50 years old - Fuck! when did I get that old? So I think to myself that a younger bloke would make me feel younger, yet an older bloke would offer more stability and security. Who knows what I actually want out of life. So this blog post is about my month on Tinder and the gems that have messaged me.

I have had some that have made me laugh and some that have been downright gross and degrading. Where am I going wrong? Well at least they have given me a laugh - I mean this whole dating by an app is a bloody minefield.

One morning I woke up to this message!
What actually did he expect me to come back with? He didn't even use my name, which in itself wasn't very polite. Mind you, I'm not sure it would have softened the blow if he had added my name. This is a quick copy and paste message from some desperate bloke who obviously didn't pull on his night out and thought he would try his luck on Tinder instead of paying for a prostitute. It really does make me wonder if men really think they can get a woman like this. Really, what does go through their head? 

He wasn't too impressed with my reply and didn't even apologise to me, simply unmatched instead. 

They are not all out to degrade women, I had one over the past couple of weeks who seems to be trying too hard and he keeps going on about his wealth. Well, that is the biggest turn off for me, because nobody likes a bragger. He told me the name of his business and within minutes, I had found his address on Google, a picture of his house and his facebook account showing his full surname. He went on to tell me about his 5-holiday homes, his ex-wife and the wife he was separated from. He talked about her all the frigging time! He was obviously on Tinder to get back at her. I asked him to stop talking about money and material things that he had, but he would just go on to talk about buying a Tesla. I really don't go for men like this. I couldn't care less if a man was living in one bedroomed flat, in fact, I think I would prefer that. 

This man reminded me of a bloke I met in a pub about 15 years ago. He told me that he wanted to come home with me, but he couldn't tell me his real name because he was a secret agent and he wanted to spend the night with me, but He had to leave in the early hours of the morning as he was going to go on a secret mission. Do men really think that we were born yesterday? Obviously, this guy was married. 

So these past few weeks I have also met some nice people on Tinder and had some lovely conversation and only a handful this week wanted to take it to WhatsApp. We all know what happens on WhatsApp - that's where all of the dick pics come up. 

I have been watching Social media and see that a few people have actually met their current partner on Tinder, how does this actually happen? Only today I matched with The Emperor of The Galactic Empire, let's see how this one ends ;)

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