Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Tips On Eating Safely From A Street Food Vendor

Street food has become more and more popular over the years, with people choosing to eat on the go, rather than sit down and eat in a restaurant. Street food is so popular these days and you can always find street food vans and companies at festivals and street markets. Food hygiene has improved massively over the past few years and as a family, we are more likely to eat street food because I love the variety of different food that you can get.

Obviously, when you have kids, hygiene on stands like this is important and I don't want my kid to have germs passed on from dirty sides or hands to her food, then it gets passed on to my kid, who would fall ill. This happened 15 years ago when my ex-husband took the older children out for food. I had a very sick child for a few days after. These days I am more cautious and here are some tips on buying food from vendors.

  • Are the sides clean and tidy? Never buy food from a street vendor with dirty sides, because the germs will pass on to the food.
  • Is the person wearing gloves? Because Kim is a vegetarian, we always make sure the gloves are changed between sorting out the meals too. Gloves will stop germs from being transferred between hands and food. Gloves can be bought from places like Brosch Direct, so not having them is not an excuse. 

  • Is the person using tongs to pick food up? Again this means that the vendor won't touch the food. Make sure the tongs are resting on a clean side or plate. 
  • Has the vendor been inspected? Are they proud to share their food safety rating on their stand or van? This is important because you know how clean the van is out the back, where you might not be able to see it and how clean their place of preparation is. 
  • Is cooked and uncooked food kept separate? You don't want your cooked food to be contaminated with the germs from the uncooked food. 
  • Is there a fridge on site to keep the food cold? Having food out in the warm is a certain way to contaminate food with germs. This can make you seriously ill.
Food hygiene is also about you and how you keep clean, I always carry around a small pack of baby wipes and a small bottle of sanitizer. So you can always make sure your hands are clean as well as your children. I always clean our hands when we are out because they get so dirty without us even knowing. Places like public transport and surfaces like handrails always hold a load of germs and as long as you clean them before you eat, then the germs won't be passed on. 

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