Thursday, 6 September 2018

Tips On Going On A First Date

So I have started the whole internet dating thing again, not that much has come from it apart from men wanting me to watch them whilst they have sex with a hoover or want a quick shag and be on their way. I have implemented the 5 date rule, this means that nothing happens until we have been on 5 dates. To be honest, once you say this, you never hear from them again on Tinder. But if you're internet dating, then I am here to help you to some advice on how to dress and act on that first date.

  1. Think about what you are going to wear, an outfit won't put itself together and I have left it until last minute before but gone to put on my outfit to find it dirty or lost in the tower of laundry. Make sure you feel comfortable and ask someone to take photo's of you in different outfits so that you can see how hot you look.
  2. Think about the shoes, if you wear shoes that are too high, then you will find that you fall off your shoes after a couple of drinks. Your feet will ache like hell too.
  3. Dress for yourself, don't ever dress for anyone else. You need to feel comfortable and show your date who you really are, not someone else that you're trying to copy. 
  4. Keep your hair simple, don't over do it because he might take you on a simple date for a coffee or a walk along the seafront and you are dressed for a wedding. Don't get too complicated with your hair, your date will expect it all of the time!
  5. Don't wear anything new, its good to feel comfortable on your first date and always make sure that you know in advance what you are doing, you don't want to buy an expensive dress when you are going tobogganing.
  6. Keep make up simple, you don't want to go over the top because again, your date will expect it all of the time and it might have taken you 2 hours to apply. Wear a waterproof mascara if you can, then if the date goes well and you end up laughing so much, your mascara won't smudge. Pop your lipstick in your outfit pocket or down your bra, then just top it up when you nip to the loo. 
  7. Be confident, if you feel confident then you actually ooze sex appeal. You will be more relaxed and you will enjoy your date so much more. Your date will notice how relaxed you are too.
  8. Don't wear revealing clothes, keep some things mysterious and the more dates that you have, the anticipation builds over the next few dates and so does the sex appeal. Maybe reveal a little bit more on the next date, and more on the next....... when the time is right, he can see what's underneath the top layer. This is a really sexy way to tease your date.
  9. Think about how you can accessorise your outfit. Your date will notice the small details like the painted nails and necklace that you wear. The little extras like this can completely change an outfit too so a plain black dress can look glitzed up with some bracelets and a necklace.

Remember if you do go out on a date with someone, whether you meet them on a night out or its a date from an online website, you need to let people know where you are all of the time. Think of your safety. Tag into places you go, have 'find my phone' on your phone and text friends where you are going and where you will be. Also remember that if you're stuck in a situation that you can't get out of on a date, go to the bar and ask for Angela! All you need to do is say 'Is Angela working tonight?' A member of staff will then let you out the back door and you can make your escape. Another way to get out of a date is to get someone to ring you an hour or two into the date and say they are your babysitter, upset friend, colleague and that they need you to come home straight away, I have used this a few times to get out of a date!

Hopefully, your date will go well and you will be set for further dates. Good luck

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