Wednesday, 24 October 2018

10 Nail Tips You Need To Follow

We all love to have fantastic looking nails but we don't have the money or the time to go to a salon. Having lovely nails makes you feel like a proper lady and it makes the outfit that you are wearing look so much smarter and sexier. But it doesn't matter if you can't afford to a salon because we have some tips today on how to look after your nails from home.

Always use a clean work surface to do the manicure on, you don't want any dust going on to your freshly painted nails. lay a towel on the surface in case of any spillage.

Remove your old nail polish, I use an acetone that you can get from Poundland. It's harsh on your hands and nails but it gets the polish off really easily. File the nails, use the file in one direction and not backwards and forwards, this will split the nail.

Clean your hands and nails by placing them in a bowl of warm water, this is such a relaxing part of a manicure. This will soften your cuticles too. When you have dried your hands off, add some cuticle oil and gently push the cuticles back, you might need to trim them too, but don't trim too much. The cuticles are here to protect your nails from bacteria

Exfoliate your hands and that will get rid of any dry skin on them and leave them smooth. Dry them and moisturise them with a good this moisturiser, do a hand massage. Nail polish remover dries hands out, so this is good to get the moisture back into it. This will leave your hands feeling soft.

Paint your nails. Use a base coat, this will give the polish a better surface for your polish to settle on and it also protects your nails from staining. Dark colours like reds will stain your nails. Apply the colour, do it in three narrow strokes. Paint one stroke down the middle of your nails, then paint a left and a right stroke.

Do not paint too close to the skin because it floods the nail and goes everywhere. Don't use the polish too thickly, it will take ages to dry and will look think and lumpy. Paint two layers and add a top coat to protect the polish.

Be creative, do your nails how you want them to be. add some flair and individuality to them. own your nails and add gems, designs and stripes. photograph them, share them on social media and be proud of them.

Don't forget that your toes are just as important as your fingernails. Especially if you're going on holiday. Beautifully painted toes, finish off the bikini look by the poolside.

When you're washing your dishes and cleaning around the house, use some rubber gloves, too much water will chip your nail polish and break your nails.

When you have finished painting your nails, wipe the outside of the bottle to remove any polish that has spilt over. If you don't, it will seal the bottle closed when you screw the lid back on and it dries.

I always seem to leave things until last minute and I never leave enough time for my polish to dry. You can use a drying spray to dry your nails or using a quick drying top coat usually does the job too. Nowadays with air dry gel polishes so widely available in beauty stores, you can recreate a gel look on your nails so much easier at home.

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