Wednesday, 24 October 2018

A Holiday To Turkey 2018 - Sun, Sea, Pranks And Pink Ladies

I have just returned home from my yearly holiday to Turkey with my friend and as usual, it was vodka fuelled and we laughed all the time. I can still taste Raki in my mouth, sliding down my throat as it burns! and I really need to catch up on sleep but from the moment we stepped on that Thomas Cook flight, I was no longer just 'Mummy' or 'Sales Assistant Vicky'. Don't get me wrong, I love who I am, but there is more to me than Mum, blogger and sales assistant. There is also 'fun time Vicky' and she came out to play on the plane!

The flight to Turkey is 4 hours, and I am someone who loses the will to live after sitting still for half an hour. So 4 hours is a long time, but me and my friend always find things to giggle about. Plus we know the routine of the flight now - Take off, drinks trolley, in-flight meal, duty-free shopping and sleep. We booked a private transfer from the airport because although our transfer was included in the holiday price, we wanted to get some afternoon sun on the sunbed, so the taxi only took half of the time of the transfer. There is nothing worse than being shoved on a fully packed transfer bus with sweaty people that are impatient and want to get to their hotel too.

It was great being back at the hotel, it's like a second home, and to be honest, it was my second visit this year as I had been there with Tilly in May. I love how the staff welcome us (actually maybe they are thinking 'Oh no!' but they hide it well).

This is my two weeks off from life! When I'm at home, my family is my priority. I don't go out these days, preferring nights in with Tilly and Kim and I couldn't introduce a man into Tilly's life because she still doesn't trust men after what happened to us.  So I have to squeeze everything into two weeks, that means drinking copious amounts of alcohol and flirting with men.  We take joke things out with us and we are known as the party table in the pool bar, don't get me wrong - we are not rowdy drunks but we do bring something special to the pool bar on an evening.

I'm never ever judged for going away on holiday without my child, but this holiday I was! I was told that I was a bad parent for going away and leaving my kid in England. It cut through me like a knife, I actually felt that someone was judging me for my life choices without knowing the details. In fact, who the hell was he to judge me? He didn't know my life story. He didn't know how much this 2 weeks does us all good for me to go away.  He didn't know that I video call Tilly and Kim before and after school each day and a further video call to Kim in the daytime to talk about things that she can't talk about with Tilly there. I always get to day 10 and I am ready to go home because I miss the girls so much that it hurts.

So Turkey is my time to party. I never rest, I want to make the most of it and stay out until all hours of the night, it's so much easier because we have friends that we have got to know out there that party with us. I party until 3 or 4am and then climb in bed, drunk and happy. We get up at 7am to put towels in the sunbeds, to be honest, I don't even know why I book a hotel room, I might as well just sleep on the sunbed after a night out. Breakfast is a buffet and then we go to lay on the sunbed for the day. The temperature was 31/32 degrees throughout the day and it was perfect for falling asleep in.

I went shopping in the next few towns on my own, so many people ask me how I am brave enough to do it on my own. But it's just like going shopping at home (only much cheaper). I love the little Dolmusch bus, it makes me laugh every time I go on one. They squeeze as many people on the bus as possible, sometimes you find a Russian man sitting on your lap because the bus took the corner too fast. But for about 50p, you can travel for miles. I had a shopping list from the girls, which I searched about 100 shops to get their things. But Tilly is now the proud owner of a baby pink Louis Vitton bag, that she so desperately wanted - I think she forgets she is only 8.

I love going on holiday to meet new people, but it's so sad when you're there for two weeks and they are only here for 7 or 10 days. Then after you have had so much banter and fun with them, they have to go home. But this year when we left to go home, the weather was turning so we laughed at the people trying to sunbathe in the overcast weather.

Nothing ever changes about the Alba hotels, the vodka is still served at 3 parts vodka and 1 part coke and I still lost about 4 hotel keys this year. The night hotel receptionist asked me if I was having a good holiday because he kept seeing me come in at 4am. Nothing goes past the staff of the hotel, and the security guard, we have known for years between the hotels.

We pulled a prank on a hotel guest, but we didn't know it would snowball into getting the hotel reception involved and a visit from the maintenance people. We bought a caution cone from Poundland and placed it in front of a guests door because he kept joking about his toilet habits. I actually forgot it was there until there was a huge knock on the door and he came bounding into our room. He had seen the sign saying 'Danger toxic gases' and it had scared him as he thought there was a gas leak in his room. He didn't read the whole sign and was too scared to open the keycard on his door in case it sparked an explosion. He went to reception to ask the receptionist what was happening and why there were toxic gases in his room. She was so puzzled but phoned the maintenance to go and see what it was. Nobody in the hotel knew anything about toxic gases, and by the time he got back to his room, the maintenance man was there with his hand on his mouth trying not to laugh. The guest looked at the cone closer and knew exactly who had put it there. Me and Linda were on the bed and giggling about something and had totally forgotten about the cone. There was a knock on the door and that's when we all had a good laugh about it, I think the staff knew it was down to us too.

We took a boat tour and I jumped into the ocean, I don't know about you lot but the sea scares me because you never know what's down there. This isn't helped that Tilly has made me see The Meg, three times this summer! But there was a man in the sea and he asked me to jump in while he waited there for me. Who am I to turn down a man that's waiting for me? He did say you only go down in the water, a little bit, but he lied. I thought I was never going to come up again. It was the longest 2 seconds of my life!

It always comes to a time to go home though, normally we are really sad but we know we will be going back next year and it will be time to turn that hotel upside down again with our antics.  Roll on next year!

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