Friday, 19 October 2018

Accesories And Styling For Autumn And Winter

I actually struggle with accessorising my clothes I normally wear plain clothes because Patterns scare me and I never know what to wear with them but recently I've been getting more confident in the clothes that I wear and I am introducing more patterns and more dresses into my wardrobe which gives me more confidence and I'm learning how to accessorize my outfits.

The weather is getting colder autumn is here and winter is going to be coming sooner than we want it to. obviously, you accessorize differently when the weather turns cold because you can't wear the same accessories that you would wear in the summer! Can you imagine going out with a winter coat on and flip-flops? 

When you accessorize you need to know when is a good time to stop. You don't want to over accessorize because it will look too much and then you don't want to under accessorize because your outfit won't look finished. I remember the days in the 1980s when we would wear red shoes a bright red necklace that had huge beads on it red thick Bangles red Bows in her hair and a red belt around a dress that would be black. This look was in fashion back then but the 1980s was 30 years ago and it was ok to wear that fashion then but you couldn't wear it now. These days less is more!


These are probably the best accessories that you have to dress with. How many pairs of shoes do you have? I'll admit I have too many and only stick to two or three pairs. my main shoes for going out a pair of silver sparkly stilettos they seem to go with most outfits that I wear and they are a real talking point. Stilettos make an outfit look elegant the answer practical in the autumn and winter when it starts to get slippery outside so if I'm going out I always put a pair of flat shoes in my handbag too. Then I walk to the event and walk home in my flat shoes but put my stilettos on when I'm there. In the winter you mainly wear shoes for comfort and warmth but you still want to look fashionable.


Don't go over the top with your jewellery. There is nothing worse than seeing someone dressed in loads of thick gold chains. You only need one or two pieces to accessorise your outfit if you're wearing a simple black dress, a necklace will give it a completely different look but don't wear big earrings with it, because the attention is drawn away from your neckline. I usually wear loads of bangles instead of any other jewellery. Also look at dress rings, these can be from elegant imitation diamond rings to huge handmade fashion rings.


I will be honest, my bag is always huge! But when you have kids, that's all you seem to use, isn't it? When I go out, I take a handbag, but it still has to be a good size because I carry so much in it. On a night out, I shove, flat shoes in my bag, as well as my phone, my lipstick, Mascara (even though I never touch it up when I go out). I use a patterned bag if I have a plain outfit on, but if your outfit has patterns, you will find that your bag clashes.


It's probably not cold enough yet for woolly scarves, but as it gets a little chillier, you might want to start wearing a decorative scarf. These are great for adding a splash of colour to an outfit and make a suit look smart. Having a scarf hanging around your neck looks fantastic with a blouse. As it starts getting colder, there is nothing comfier when you're outside than a thick woolly scarf. But you don't have to sacrifice looking good when you wear a scarf.

Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash
What accessories do you use to enhance your outfits?

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