Monday, 1 October 2018

All About Me #blogtober

Welcome to October and this year I have chosen to take part in Blogtober, a collaboration that many bloggers get involved in and its fun. Every day there is a different subject and it is actually great to see different perspectives from people, even though we are writing about the same thing. So today's post is all about ME! It's my favourite subject.

I am 45 years old and that's middle-aged, isn't it? But I don't think of myself as old as I am in fact sometimes I forget and think I'm 18 years old still. I am a mother to Kim, Zach, Beth, and Tilly and mother-in-law to Amber

Kim is 26 years old she moved back home and helps me to co-parent Tilly, not that Tilly is hard work but it is damn hard work being a single parent that works out of town so Kim is such an invaluable help to me and I don't know what I'd do without her. You can find her blog over at

Zach is 24 years old and he lives and works on a golf course in Bruinesse, close to Rotterdam in Holland. He has been married to Amber for a year and becoming a mother in law, actually made me feel old! I suddenly wasn't the only Mrs H-N is Zach's life anymore. We manage to go out to see him a few times a year and it means Tilly can squeeze in a trip to Amsterdam too -  One of her favourite
Places to visit.

Beth is 23 and we miss her with all of our heart. My family fell apart when she was groomed by a paedophile nearly 4 years ago now.  We have no contact with her because she has been so brainwashed that we can't bring her back home. Every day she is missed as part of our family.

Tilly is the bonus to our family because I had her when I was 37. She is such a funny little creature and has so much love and compassion in her. She suffers from severe dyslexia as well as anxiety and sometimes stress but and make sure she talks to us about her feelings. She loves being part of the blog and has her own Instagram and YouTube channel.

I am a single working parent and I quite like it that way because I don't have to share my children with anybody apart from Amber. I have mild bipolar but managed to cope with it without the help of medication. I am the most unorganised person I know,  my head is in the clouds all the time, I'm opinionated and disorganised. But I am me, this is who I am! We live in a small town of the Kent coast so it's about an hour and a half from London. We love it here, a small town but so close to the big city.

I love to travel, and this has rubbed off on Tilly which is awesome.  I see so much of me in her.  I hope she grows up to be like me.



  1. It's lovely to 'meet' you! I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope you'll all be brought back together in the future.
    I look forward to getting to know you more :o)

  2. So lovely to see a familiar face!
    It's good to read more about you. I love the photos. You look fabulous! x

  3. Nice to meet you, my first Blogtober but I'm already finding lots of great new blogs to check out.

  4. we became grandparents this year and so I know how you feel about suddenly feeling old. I am so sorry to hear of Beth and I really hope one day she returns back to you. #Blogtober18

  5. #waves looking forward to reading more
    Of your adventures during #blogtober :-)

  6. :-) I was my folks’ bonus child. Im the youngest of 6 kids. Can’t help but wonder if Tilly gets away with a lot more than her siblings did too hehe ;) #blogtober

  7. Welcome to Blogtober, so glad you could join us, I can't believe how much Tilly has grown, i'm sorry to hear that Beth still hasn't seen sense yet, I am sure she will one day, looking forward to hearing what else is happening during October, and 45 is the new 21 so don't sweat it xxx

  8. Lovely to meet you, I know what you mean , I'm 43 and I feel like its only a year since I was 26!!! Where does the time go? hope you have a good Blogtober x

  9. Tilly looks a lot like you in the top pic. Middle aged nahhh 40's are the new 20's we're in our prime ;) #Blogtober18

  10. Lovely to meet you! I met Kim earlier in the year at the Jamie Oliver's Cooking School event, she is super lovely :0


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