Monday, 8 October 2018

Hearing Kids Read #Librariesweek

I have previously written about Tilly's Struggle to read and write because she has dyslexia. But the day she actually decided she WANTED to read something other than having to read it, will stick with me forever. As its libraries week, I wanted to write about How much Tilly has struggled with reading from the moment she was younger and when she suddenly found fun in reading. We take it for granted that everyone can read, but in reality, they can't. It's not just laziness, there is a problem that you cannot see.

Tilly struggles so much but one day about 10 months ago, we went to London. We were on a long tube trip and suddenly she started reading what was written n the moving monitor. It was only outlaying the stations that the train was about to stop at, but she started to spell the words out and actually read the stations that were coming up. I wanted to whisk her up and give her the biggest hug ever, but as I was on the tube packed with people I just congratulated her in her spelling out and gave her the hugest smile. I told her I was proud of her and I helped her with the words she just couldn't get.

That trip seemed to be a turning point for her because after that she wanted to read everything. it was almost as if a light had switched on and she actually understood what the reading stuff was all about. It was almost as if a great weight had lifted because I had a child who wasn't scared to read anymore, she wanted to read. She had always been a Dr Seuss fan and loved watching the movies, but now she soaked in the books. As I wrote in this blog post here, I never understood the gobbledegook of Dr Seuss but suddenly I wanted to hear the words over and over again. Dr Seuss was helping my child to read! I loved hearing the same rhymes over and over again.

Tilly is now getting impatient and she wants to be reading books without pictures, she still has a wanting to be on the same level as her friends, but I think dangling a carrot in front of her is a good thing because it always gives her something to reach for, something to work towards. I am so proud of her and although she still finds reading struggle, she tries and that's all that matters to me! She has the same passion and fire that I have and I see the same determination as I and Kim have. I love hearing her read because she is so proud as she forms her letters and uses sounds to put the words together. I love hearing her read because she transports herself to another place, she uses her imagination and I know that all the time she pushes herself, she is ready to fight dyslexia.

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