Thursday, 11 October 2018

Kickass Women Bloggers that I Love

Kickass women? That's today's #Blogtober post subject. I was going to write about some famous people that inspired me, but instead, I think I am going to write about the Top bloggers that inspire me as a person and a blogger.

Kim at Me, My Life And The Tardis is my daughter, she inspires me every day with her kindness for others and empathy for others. She was my rock when I was suffering from PND, she stayed by my side when I needed support and I couldn't leave the house without another adult. She gives up a lot of her spare time to help out at the local brownies and looks after Tilly so I can keep my job two days a week at Superdrug. She helps me to parent Tilly and She encourages her and helps her grow every day.

Sarah at Life In A Breakdown is a lifestyle blogger and I yearn to be a successful blogger as good as she is. She writes about lifelong illnesses that she lives with because she suffers from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypermobility syndrome, keratoconus and a number of mental health issues. BUT this does not stop her from being a superblogger! She runs a few Facebook groups where she helps bloggers and encourages them with their own blogs. 

Emma at EmmaDrewInfo left her job as a website admin for a biotechnology company and was earning around £25k. One day she decided that she was going to quit and go full time on her blog. This gamble paid off for her and now she runs a successful business on her blog and offers training courses for other bloggers to become as successful as she is. She also runs the Poundland Appreciation group on Facebook that has nearly 24,000 members in there. She offers money saving tips and also has a column in a weekly magazine.

Rebecca at Mum Of A Premature Baby, having a baby is stressful enough, but can't imagine how mentally challenging it is to have a baby born at 33 weeks and watch him grow from strength to strength. Rebecca started her blog as a place to keep her memories of her little premie, but it has grown like her kids and now she writes about geeky stuff, kids and family life. She is a keen comper too and has won some amazing prizes over the years.

Rebecca at I Always Believed In Futures blogs about her little family and the things that they get up to. She is a mum to Jack and Olivia and also helps to run Facebook groups to help other bloggers with their blogs. She has helped me a few times over the years and was one of the first people I turned to when I found out something that crushed my family. 

Sadie at, I first met Sadie at a blog event a few years ago, but she stopped blogging for a while after her long-term relationship collapsed. Now she is back with a new blog and is stronger emotionally than ever, I have seen her confidence grow over the past year and her new blog is about her and her kids. Sadie is exactly the same as me, she is always ready for an adventure, she loves the same things that I do and we often find each other at events. 

Anita at The House That Never Rests, Anita is like my missing half. I first met her on a camping trip and we clicked straight away. We have had nights away in London together and fond ourselves in some funny situations. She has been blogging for a while now and Anita has three teenage boys and lives with them, her husband and the most gorgeous Siberian husky called Coco. She is spoilt like a kid! Anita loves to travel and is always happy on a camping holiday somewhere.

Mary at My Model Mummy Mary is mum to little Olivia and he is the kindest person. She lives in a lovely house in the countryside and I am so envious of her beautiful home and garden. Mary has the most amazing green fingers and blogs for Laura Ashley. I am in awe of her Instagram feed and she is always so much fun to spend time with. Mary is happiest when she is outdoors and you can follow her adventures on the blog. 

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