Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Tips On How To Be A Successful Baker

Tips on how to be a successful Baker

Start with a clutter-free and clean kitchen, nobody wants to eat cakes that have been baked in a dirty kitchen and you don't want to have to work around dirty dishes from yesterday's meals or cereal bowls that have been left over from the kids this morning. Clear the sides off, making sure you've got plenty of space to work in. If you don't have much workspace on your kitchen sides use a use a table instead. If the kitchen sides or table are clear it's going to be so much easier for you to find equipment that you need for your baking session.

If you're following a recipe make sure you get all of your equipment ready before you start baking. If you've got it all ready beforehand then you won't need to stress out halfway through your recipe because you can't find your rolling pin or your mixer. Switch the oven on ready to warm up and your baking will take a quicker time to cook. Also, soften the butter before you start because this will blend better with the sugar and it will give you a fluffier texture to your baking.

Inspirational People

Read food blogs to get unique recipes and a fantastic meal and baking ideas, I personally love Le Coin De Mel but you can also look on BBC food or supermarket websites 4 great recipes too. Watch baking programmes like the Great British Bake Off or YouTube videos. I am a huge fan of YouTube videos and tutorials because I can watch them and pause them as I'm cooking and it's a great way to support bloggers and vloggers. 

Follow recipes

I know sometimes it's tempting to steer off the recipe a little bit but make sure you were all of your ingredients properly when you're baking because if you don't weigh and measure properly it will change the consistency of your baking and you could end up with a cake that's too soggy or to dry. Try and weigh all of the ingredients out before you start cooking and then you will find it easier to bake with and you can tick the ingredients off as you add them.

Take your time

Do not rush your cooking, your baking will be more fun and relaxing if you take your time. And you will most certainly enjoy it more and your baking will be much more successful if you take your time. Don't be tempted to turn the oven up a few degrees to rush your cake keep it at the temperature that is on the recipe and don't keep opening the oven door. That is a sure way to spoil the cake because it will sink in the middle.

Leave it to cool

Always leave your baking to cool because if you try and take it out of the baking trays while it's hot it is likely to crumble and you've wasted all of that time making your beautiful cake to find it destroyed because of your impatience. The same goes with cookies, biscuits and anything else that you bake if you try and lift them from a baking tray or remove them from a baking tin they just going to crumble and break. Also, leave your cake to cool down completely before you ice it because although it might look great to start with, the icing is going to melt as soon as it starts getting warm on your freshly baked cake. It will just slide off the cake again meaning you've ruined the baking that you've just taken so long to do.

I do love baking and I love to see the finished results but I hate the washing up afterwards that's the only downside from bacon because he is quite a lot of bowls and baking trays. Do you have any time-saving hacks to help with baking and cleaning up after?

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