Wednesday, 31 October 2018

What Is The Best Ukelele To Buy?

Tilly aspires to be like her older siblings, they have an incredibly tight bond and she often forgets she is much younger than them. Her older brother is a musician and she has always wanted a ukelele to learn how to play. It is just the right size for her and it's easy for her to handle. I know that although she wants to learn how to play a musical instrument, she doesn't have the concentration to actually learn. So like many other parents, I don't want to throw money away on an expensive instrument.

The First Act Discovery Ukulele is such a good option when it comes to buying Tilly an instrument because it is affordable and easy to buy from Smyth's toy shop, meaning that I didn't have to go to a music shop - but it isn't a toy! Tilly as recently sent one to review and this is what she thought of it. The ukelele is only £14.99 to buy, making it not only such an affordable musical instrument but also an excellent Christmas gift for your child. Its made of good quality wood and isn't plastic like many kids musical instruments. The perfect age for this ukelele is 8 - 12, especially as kids this age start to discover music and aspire to be the next big thing.

Although the ukulele is sold in a toy shop, it is actually a proper instrument that you can play and tune. The strings are made from nylon and they are accurately spaced to play the ukulele. The strings are strong for little fingers to use. The ukulele is a traditionally sized soprano one and the sound that comes from it is actually really good. The First Act  Discovery ukulele comes in a couple of different designs, Tilly has the blues stars design on a black background, so its a grown-up design for her. It also comes in a white design with blue butterflies. It's easy to tune by turning the guitar style tuners at the end of the ukelele, but remember not to tighten them too much otherwise you won't get the right sound that you want and the strings will break.

When kids play music, they use it as an outlet for their emotions. So as it was half term and I was in Turkey without her, I thought it would be great to give it to her as a gift. Then if she felt sad, she could cheer herself up with some music. Music also helps kids to be creative, and sometimes Tilly likes to be in her own world and be creative. Other times, she just wants to be noisy and strum the ukelele like there's no tomorrow. But the music still sounds good to me, This week she has been a rock star as well as an Ed Sheeran wannabe.

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