Monday, 29 October 2018

Whats The Best Foot Mask In Superdrug?

Today on the blog we have some foot masks that we were sent to review from Superdrug. I have used these a few times before and I am actually a huge fan of them. But there are so many and sometimes its hard to know where to start looking for a foot mask. What I love about the Superdrug foot masks is that they are designed as a sock, so all of the mess is contained in the sock, and when you have finished, you just remove the sock and bin it. I was sent three different Superdrug foot socks to try, so we have tried them all out and this is how we got on.

Foot Peeling Socks

These cost £8.99 and are new to the store. The Foot Peeling socks are to be placed on the feet and left between 60 - 90 minutes for the treatment to work. You are supposed to remove nail polish on your toes, but I didn't and the polish stayed in place. I spilt some of the serum in the plastic socks as I put them on and the sock bags ripped easily as I fumbled about putting them on. You place your foot inside a fabric sock that is inside the plastic bag and you're supposed to seal them but there was no sticky tab to seal them or hold them in place. 

I didn't leave it on for the full amount of time, because they were really uncomfortable to wear, and when I removed them, I washed my feet. and waited for the feet to peel. I used this because I was going on holiday to Turkey in 3 weeks so I would love some soft feet. It took 8 days for the feet to start peeling, but when they did, they really peeled! I was pretty impressed with it, I did have to get a foot file and file the feet afterwards but they were peeling really well and I was impressed. I would buy this product again despite the initial problems with the foot mask because I liked the results in the end.

Foot Purifying Sock Pack

This sock is a charcoal one and I am a huge fan of charcoal because I love the way it purifies everything that its used on. Charcoal has been used throughout the years and it is so good for your skin because it draws out the impurities. The charcoal sock is a bargain at £1.99.

The socks contain coconut oil and vitamin which is excellent for dry skin, so if you're feet feel dry and are starting to crack, these would be great for you. The socks are black inside and when you remove the socks, your feet will look black with the liquid inside, but this is normal. You put the socks on your feet for 20 minutes, but as they are sealed, you can walk around in them but be careful because they are plastic and you could slip.

I used this on myself after I had been walking around for 2 weeks with no shoes on, in Turkey. They felt soft and cleaner afterwards.

Foot Nourishing Sock

Tilly used this one (she is 8), it was perfect for her to use on a pamper evening that we had. The socks fitted her quite well. This foot sock contains marula oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids Omega 9 - oleic and Omega 6 - linoleic that deeply hydrate and reduce redness while nourishing, healing, moisturizing and improving skin elasticity.

It also contains vitamin e that will also help with the dryness in your feet.

Both of the foot socks are priced at £1.99 from Superdrug and they are so easy to use. As they are a Superdrug own brand product, they have the 100% money back guarantee. They are not tested on animals and none of the active ingredients is tested on animals either.

Overall my favourite of the foot socks was the foot peeling socks. Although I never liked them to start with, the result over the following couple of weeks was really impressive. The hard skin from my feet disappeared leaving the softer feet and hells behind. It didn't hurt when the skin peeled either, which surprised me.

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